The Top 5 B2C Digital Marketing Trends Of 2022

The Top 5 B2C Digital Marketing Trends Of 2022

To elucidate this somewhat alien term B2C, it is the abbreviation for ‘Business marketing directly to the consumers’. Although it may not seem that alien, if you are someone who has been a long-term member of the business world.

However,  B2C has experienced a massive evolution and that too in a ‘techno-centric’ way- with a promise of maximum profits for the masters. If we look at some of the early marketing tactics, you will notice businesses distributing coupon books & flyers via email.

The current scenario is somewhat different. More often than not, businesses have started targeting customers using digital means: ‘call to action’, appearing either on the mobile phones or as an in-game purchase, and also by giving away free coupons.

In the following article, I am going to talk about these newer modes and tactics of marketing that businesspersons should adopt. Keep scrolling through this article to understand the transformation of B2C marketing.

The Top 5 B2C Digital Marketing Trends

In 2022, almost 51% of the B2C marketers have planned to invest more with respect to their marketing budget. This gives rise to a couple of questions, namely,

Where is the money estimated for the budget, going?

Is there a chance that the marketers will reinvest in the old strategies, or will they follow new trends?

However, to understand what trends the B2C marketers are promoting or should promote, you should go through the rest of the article. Starting from influencer marketing to virtual events, there are literally so many avenues that brands can pay attention to.

1. Considering  Influencer Marketing As The Primary Revenue Generator

While most B2C marketers, have a succinct understanding of the power of influencers. It was in the year 2022, when almost 61% of B2C marketers started to leverage it.

Influencer marketing has been in fact the 3rd most popular digital marketing trend, businesspersons intend to prioritize. It is because of the returns that were offered to the  B2C brands in 2021.

Traditionally, brands have always focused on collaborating with the popular influencers. However, for some brands, micro-influencers with less than 100K followers, have been just as effective.

2. Working On The Audio Content  

Several data suggest that video as the leading form of content marketing. However, not to ignore the creeping in of audio, into this list of marketing trends. As per reports, about 19.01% of B2C marketers, are seen to employ podcasts or some other form of audio content- as a marketing strategy.

Even the remaining  37.4% find it to be an effective trend. It seems like 2022 is the year to accommodate the audio content marketing trend in the world of business.

With 43% of the B2C marketers already planning to increase their investment in podcasts, this marketing trend is off to a good start. This way the power of audio content will gain popularity across brands.

3. Prioritizing Short-form Videos

This particular digital marketing trend has never seemed to slow down, since its initiation. Going back in time when TikTok was the only platform for shortform video content, there were limited options.

With YouTube Shorts & Instagram Reels, coming into the market, the user’s attentions gets divided. This is somewhat beneficial because more platforms mean more options and even more features- resulting into better content creation.

This might give rise to the question- why do B2C brands use short form video content, as a marketing tool?

  • To increase brand awareness by 49%.
  • Advertise products atleast by 44%, and
  • Generate  revenue by 43%.

4. Brands Should Keep Up With Their Inbound Marketing Strategies

The inbound marketing strategy is entirely based on meeting consumers exactly where they are residing. This marketing strategy is a bit different that focuses on attracting consumers towards your brand, rather than reaching out to the consumers.

Around 80% of the B2C marketers have planned to increase their budget to accommodate this strategy.

The plan is to ‘Attract, Delight, and Engage’, just like the horse poker rules.

5. Focusing On The Social Responsibilities

Lately, consumers have been expecting & wanting brands to maintain transparency by defending themselves on social media. According to an Edelman Trust Barometer 2020 survey, trust has been the most vital factor for consumers while, making a purchasing decision.

In the past couple of years, particularly at the peak of the pandemic and world crisis, with repeated demands for social justice-  consumers started questioning the accountability of the brands.

These brands, however, have promised to address those demands in the ongoing year.

Although, reports suggest that only 3% of B2C marketers consider social responsibility as an effective marketing tactic or strategy.

Apart from that, almost 45% of them have planned to increase their investment as well.

Frequently Asked Questions:

The human mind is an inquisitive place. Even after reading an entire article, the heart will always want more. But the heart wants what it wants. Here are some of the frequently asked questions that you can focus on.

1. Which Social Media Platform Is Best For B2C?

The ideal social media platforms for a B2C business model or brand would be :

  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest
  • Google+
  • Snapchat
  • Instagram
  • YouTube, and
  • WhatsApp.

2. How To Grow Your B2C Business?

There are six key steps following which you can grow your B2C business. The following are:

  • Try to build a personal relationship with the customers.
  • Utilize the mobile benefits.
  • Employ influencers for marketing purposes.
  • Never ignore investing in SEO.
  • Always leverage social media.
  • Focus on building retargeting programs.

3. Where Would You Find B2C Clients?

  • Try using digital marketing to locate prospective clients.
  • Increase your CRM potential.
  • Ask Your previous clients for further referrals.


With that being said, I will now wrap up my discussion. Although,  I am quite certain that a thorough reading of this article will ease your business marketing issues- to some extent.

However, in case you have got some extras to add to this list, you know what to do. Hit us up in the comments section below. We’d love to hear back from you.

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