Digital Marketing Trends in 2020

Digital Marketing Trends in 2020

Internet penetration has a lot of impact in the year 2019 as 636 million users of the internet are surfing. In especially 2020, how it’s going on with vast users about 696 million public are active on the internet. There are 4.57 billion active users until July 2020, 59 percent half the global population.

The brands and businesses which are offline in 2019 year are now switching to both offline and online platforms. The companies have a whole new audience in the market and create innovative ways to do brand awareness.

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Rise of new social media platforms

In 2020, the pandemic almost stopped the growth of the market but in India, the growing internet users have widened due to many users who are not using that much of social media platforms, and social media marketing is fully utilizing the impact on the audience, which are now occupied and used daily. These are direct results of mobile-friendly apps, easy accessibility of mobile internet, and cheaper availability of smartphones.

There is continuous access to new social media apps in the digital world like Hootsuite, story slicer, captions, canvas, and the trending ones like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat.

What is going in 2020?

The year 2020 is likely going to see more such new apps with data users, as the public is trapped under the social usage of content interest in smaller towns also. Internet end users in rural areas – about 263 million internet users in rural India and expected to reach 300 something active users in 2020 have contributed to the total growth of internet active users in India.

Social media apps are driving growth towards the development of new apps and also offering entertainment through short videos, memes, live streaming, online gaming. 

Live streaming video

Live video streaming is the latest trend in social media for approaching and targeting the audience in a better way. It provides imperative insights to the customers about the reality of the company and feels more connected. The social media influencers including the content creators, bloggers, celebrities, sportsperson, artisans, musicians, etc have been approached to share with their fan followers and influence them directly.

Video marketing

Video marketing has risen for many years as many social platforms provide video content marketing agencies for sharing videos online. Many companies have adopted this strategy and are working and got successful responses.

This video marketing strategy is working great for companies and consumers to get ideas and get connected with such video strategies. Many brands are now doing such marketing to influence the customers, videos on mobile apps like a hot star, Amazon, Netflix.


Chatbots are the messaging apps used by many companies to solve the problems of customers by hiring the employees to work on this chatbot, and also use virtual assistance like robots to check who comes and leave the website and provide them the assistance. 

They use specialized forms of software to communicate with users on behalf of the company. 57% of customers prefer the chatbox to solve their problems rather than live calls.

These are used by companies for services like shopping assistance, self-service, accessibility, etc.

Voice search power

The smartphones and smart devices are now coming with a feature of voice assistance options like Google, Siri, Alexa, Cortana, and many smartphones personal assistance not only smartphones but now this technology is being used in car systems also like Kia motors. These features are giving immense excitement to customers with interaction with the human type of technology.

Virtual and augmented realities

We all are existing in virtual and augmented reality life (AR AND VR) as now many games as Pokemon go, Jurassic world, ingress. VR is a dimensional video streaming like we feel our presence in that game. AR is like watching the video. It feels like it is happening in front. 

Such innovative games attract potential customers and make them feel like the product sitting at home. 

This article is written by Hari Priya Patel, Digital marketing Intern in Digi Brood, Best Digital Marketing Agency in Kolkata.

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