Should You Wear Jewellery While You Work Out?

Should You Wear Jewellery While You Work Out?

It depends on person to person whether they want to add an extra step in the process of getting ready for the gym. You must be wondering what this gym gear that we are talking about is? It is a workout jewellery. Some people like to wear jewellery off during the gym, and once the gym is over, they will wear them again. The continuous cycle of taking them off and wearing them can be annoying.

Some jewellery can be damaged when you are wearing them during the workout. It depends on the type of workout and type of jewellery you are wearing, as you will be sweating too much during exercise and that can mess with your barbell jewellery or any other accessories.

That is why you should buy the jewellery that is made of a material which can survive the torture of the excessive sweating during exercise. Say, for example, jewellery made from the gold fill, sterling silver and solid gold will not get damaged due to sweat. The jewellery made from sterling silver can get tarnish and turn dull over time if you are wearing them daily while you work out. But you can easily clean them using the lukewarm water and soft-bristled brush.

Don’t buy fitness jewellery that is made from brass, copper and nickel as they will corrode when exposed to sweat during exercise. One should always buy the fitness jewellery that is made from good material and are from any reputable brand as they can withstand sweating of the gym workout.

Apart from sweat, you need to be aware of certain work out that can damage your jewellery out of shape. Some jewellery is prone to scratching; that is why you need to be extra caution while doing work out. 

Sometimes wearing workout jewellery can even damage your skin, you must be wondering how? If you are wearing the jewellery made from cheap metal then while corroding they will leave a stain on your by leaving green or blackish color on them. So, you need to wear the jewellery made from high-quality metal that does not leave any color while corroding.

If you are allergic to some metal, then you should not wear jewellery made from them as they can lead to skin irritation. So, it is your decision which metal jewellery you are going to wear during a workout. If you have a new piercing then sweating can irritate you while exercising. 

Leaving aside the sweating, discoloration and itching issue of the jewellery, there is one more issue that you can witness while wearing jewellery during the workout is the tug of war. If you are wearing a long necklace during exercise, then they might get caught on certain equipment and will hurt you. Wearing hoop earrings or a long necklace can also get in your hair, clothes or other body parts and can pinch your skin.

So, while buying the workout jewellery, you need to make sure that you buy the jewellery that can be worn while exercising. These should be made from good material and should not get caught to other objects during work out.

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