The use of mobile applications to improve the sport offer

The use of mobile applications to improve the sport offer

One of the new technology market sectors that has undergone the most development in recent years is that of mobile applications. Its use has become common to improve the offer of sports products and services. This document analyzes the possibilities of exploiting this relationship between technology and sport and provides some recommendations to make the most of investments in this field.

Emotional marketing in the club

Society changes, needs change and so does the way of offering or selling a product. In recent years, the different types of marketing have evolved and practically all of them play a common trick: to excite. The application of neuroscience to the world of current advertising is measured by scientific studies where it is ensured that 90% of the information we capture when making decisions comes from the subconscious. Therefore, when we talk about emotional marketing we refer to that type of advertising that aims to sensitize the user or recipient of a message through emotions.

Reasons to claim sports sponsorship

Sports sponsorship has not been able to escape the rigors of the economic crisis and has reduced its contribution to entities and athletes. In response to this situation, 해외축구 중계사이트 management must claim the benefits of the relationship between advertising and sports in recent times and bet on new strategies and tools that improve the effectiveness of campaigns to attract advertisers.

Radio phone interventions: aspects to take into account

In the following lines, we will analyze some of the most important aspects that we must take care of and plan if we want to maximize, to our benefit, the use of the showcase that the waves and microphones of the media represent.

Correctly working the presence in Social Media, setting objectives and planning actions to achieve the expected results, translates into benefits that range from brand positioning to customer identification with the sports entity, increasing their commitment.

The implementation of a communication department in a club

Implementing a Communication area in a club requires both respect for the entity’s philosophy in the application of each of the decisions to be adopted and the commitment of each member of the staff with the communication line of the organization. Familiarizing the human team with the action protocols and with the objectives pursued is essential for the success of the mission, regardless of the size of the club.


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