A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

A Good Design Distinguishes Your Uniqueness in Just One Look!

People often call this saying a metaphor. But in reality, it is an adage, expressing the general fact in a concise statement.

A good design sells itself and identifies your credibility, creativity, and vision. It’s the art of depicting your brand story visually and show the importance of your services.

This technique has helped many undergraduate students improve their English essay writing, where they are mostly asked to write metaphors and abstract versions.

But the challenge to “create an iconic design for your presentation” is worth it? Should we spend a hack of time and efforts over a good design?

We’ll give you some good odds as to why you should drool over a picture-perfect design that gives you a completive edge over others. Keep reading!

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Be Honest; Design Sell 

According to the most common observation by a group of The Design Council over 50 portfolios, companies with better designs generated higher ROI on their business than those who took it for granted. Investing in a good design might sound a little too much, but it’s for a long-term profit.

Customer-Centric Flair Value

When a visitor visits your site, a single glance of designing can turn them in or send them back – the choice is yours! A good design is a combination of graphics, creativity, and feel, making it a whole. If you set up an on-brand design, it will last under the limelight forever.

The First Impression is the Last

There’s a reason behind why this saying is famous. The first appearance of your brand can either last forever or get forgotten within seconds – depends! Let your customers experience a design that connects with their hearts, emotions, and memory. It is a way to gain them forever.

Increases Target Audience

Every business you start should target a specific audience who you can work on. For example, a fashionable clothing brand would only charm people who are into fashion. Similarly, keep your target audience in mind while designing and launching your brand.

Expresses Your Creativity

You can be as creative as you want, knowing that you know the art. It often people who are less expressive with words, therefore expresses from their creativity. I have seen people abstracting complete stories into adorable and admirable art designs. Creating a design instead of writing in words delivers your message to others more effectively and impactfully.

Complex Ideas Gets Simplified

You can put all your efforts into creating one exclusive design rather than being average on many others simultaneously. Nowadays, nobody spends a large amount of time writing; people now prefer digital media to convey their message. It might offend people who practice English essay writing, spending a larger portion of their time writing. But I meant in general. Consider incorporating designs from a heavy text-based context.

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