Inexpensive Ways to Decorate Your Cedar Fence

Inexpensive Ways to Decorate Your Cedar Fence

Cedarwood fences are an amazing art that can significantly add to the aesthetic value of a home besides providing security. While wooden fences look beautiful when plain, you may consider adding a few accessories to spruce it up. A recent study shows that houses with well-maintained fences tend to sell up quickly.

Here are five cheap ways to decorate your cedar fence:

Fixing lights on your fence will make it look good both day and night. There is a wide variety of battery and solar-powered lamps that you can choose to wrap around the fence or on the hedges. They come with less stress that involves wiring and fitting. What is more, a lit fence gives you additional security.

  • Plant Flowers           

You can add interest to the face of your fence by planting brilliant flowers and bushes. With advice from McKinney Fence Company, you can choose plants that will flower during summer, fall, and spring to give you beautiful colors all year round. Flowers and bushes perfectly complement wooden fences. You can also grow vines that will wind around the wood to give it a pleasant look at any season.

  • Consider Painting

The natural grain of wood looks good on cedar fences. However, you can improve its overall appearance by painting it with strong-colored paint. Whether it is a split rail or a round rail fence, painting can make a big difference. The painting also protects the wood from attack by mites and other pests. You can have McKinney Fence Company paint the entire fence or just the posts. Be sure to try a few posts first to see how it looks before investing in it.

  • Play Around with Raised Beds

Adding a raised flower bed to your fence gives you the chance to grow a variety of crops and flowers to complement your fence. Raised beds are pretty simple to make, and they provide endless possibilities for including anything in the garden. Flowers can easily climb onto the trellis and rails, adding a unique touch of elegance to the fence.

  • Decorations and Murals          

Besides lighting, McKinney Fence Company recommends adding decorative elements such as fence caps for aesthetics. Sculptures of animals and plants added to the fence give it an incredible look. It is a way of expressing your style and taste to the world. For instance, you can hang a vintage watering container with a beautiful flower planted in it. You can also create a custom view on your wooden fence by painting a conspicuous mural of an animal, insect, bird, or plant. It will act as a beautiful backdrop for the living room.


There are numerous affordable ways to decorate your wooden fence. Whether painting it, lighting it up, or planting colorful flowers, you can make it look elegant in a few simple steps. If you feel overwhelmed on what will work well with your fence, consider talking to experts like the McKinney fence company for advice and analysis of the available options. 

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