Best Real Estate Closing Software for Attorneys

Best Real Estate Closing Software for Attorneys

There is a lot of leg work that attorneys, paralegals, and settlement agents have to do to get a real estate deal over the line. This has created a need for real estate attorney software to automate repetitive tasks and make the settlement procedure and closing process faster and smoother. There is a lot of software available in the market, so how do you know what software to choose?

The functionality of the Title and Escrow Process

An excellent real estate attorney software should have a closing, title, and escrow solution designed with you at the heart of it. The program should make data entry easy and streamline title and escrow orders. A good system should also allow for the easy creation of custom documents and reports.

One of the most tedious, time-consuming, and repetitive tasks is filling out a 1099-S form. Software that automates the form preparation for submission is a lifesaver for any real estate attorney.

Easy to Use

Any program should make your work easier. It should make your day-to-day tasks easier and reduce the amount of time you spend on them. When getting a program, the priority should be how easy it is to add to your existing system and continue to perform uninterrupted.

As the closing process is not a one-company affair, the software you choose should also be easy to integrate into the system of the other companies you work with. Their way of operation will most likely be different from yours. The software you choose to go with should be easy to use for all parties involved and compatible with their systems.


In this digital age, any program or software security is a top priority. With the amount of sensitive information and money involved in closing deals, a real estate attorney software should stop any hacker or malware attack.

A system that cannot ensure the security of your data or wired money transfers is a no-go. No matter how excellent or functional the software is if it cannot guarantee the safety of your communication or money, it is not worth it. It will make work easier for you but cost you way more if money is stolen or information of the deal is leaked.

Good Communication

Constant communication is key to the closing of any deal. In-person calls and meetings are necessary to streamline the details of a deal before closing. Moving from office to office is time-consuming, and phone communication is a security risk; hence you need a secure, reliable alternative.

A system that can ensure good, reliable, and consistent communication between you and partners of your deal is a big plus. You should choose a system that allows document scanning and sharing, live meetings, and convenient communication.


Real estate attorney software is a must-have for any real estate officer. It makes closing deals easier, faster, and more secure. Pricing can be a deal-breaker, so you need to compare the prices of different programs available with the features they offer. Get yourself a reliable, secure system, and it will change how you work forever.

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