How to Stop Premature Ejaculation With Home Remedies?

How to Stop Premature Ejaculation With Home Remedies?

Premature Ejaculation is more common than you think! Men are usually shy about taking sexual problems with others because of fear of being judged. A man’s ejaculation is considered premature ejaculation when he ejaculates under 5 minutes. And 5 in 1 one man are now suffering from premature ejaculation and asking how to stop premature ejaculation. Before you know the answer, here are some facts about premature ejaculation. 

Reasons for Premature Ejaculation

Several factors affects your body out of which some images as causes of early ejaculation in your body

Stress: It does not matter if it is caused by work, financial strain, or other emotional activities, but it can distract and take away the goal of making your relationship longer.

Performance Pressure: The way you perform and what your partner thinks of your appearance can make it difficult to engage in sexual relations. The thoughts about these issues can distract you from enjoying that moment you are with your loved one.

Habits that are related to Porn Consumption: Hormones such as Serotonin and Testosterone can affect the way you engage yourself sexual activities. While the speed at which you can achieve orgasm while masturbating is a good thing, you can be instilling behaviors that are difficult to break out of relationships.

Physical Illness: Sometimes, serious medical issues are the primary reason that men experience before seeking early treatment for Ejaculation. The possible biological causes are prostate disease, peynories, multiple sclerosis, drugs, diabetes, and drinking alcohol.

Relational Issues: Conflicts from emotional issues within your current relationship may impact your mental state while engaging in sexual activity.

Hormonal Imbalance: Hormones like Serotonin and Testosterone may impact the way you sexually behave. If you suffer from a thyroid issue or other hormonal imbalances, the ability to stay for long periods for sexual activity may be affected.


How to Stop Premature Ejaculation with Home Remedies?

How to Stop Premature Ejaculation with Home Remedies

There are several home remedies that works on premature ejaculation and you can try these remedies to stop premature ejaculation:

Exercise regularly: Men who regularly exercise are less likely to suffer from premature Ejaculation than people who habitually sit. While it’s unnecessary to perform like an athlete, keeping a regular fitness routine can benefit your health and sexual performance. Kegel exercises work the best for early ejaculation.

Be aware of your mental health: It can be due to mental health problems like depression or anxiety disorders. If you are concerned about the possibility of premature Ejaculation, then focus on enhancing and maintaining good mental wellbeing.

Masturbate before the sexual activity: Many men are more likely to hold off Ejaculation until two rounds if you consider having a masturbation session a few hours before sexual activity.

Use premature ejaculation condoms: Some condoms have an anesthetic applied to the skin to decrease sensitivities, which could help you last longer in bed and your sexual activity.

Speak with your partner: If premature Ejaculation is due to an emotional issue or problem in your sexual relationship, then speak openly with your partner, which can help you to overcome it together.


Natural Remedies for Premature Ejaculation


It can help you gain control over the effects of Ejaculation. Also, it can increase the libido and improve the stamina of your body. Ashwagandha can also be efficient to treat premature ejaculation and  erectile dysfunction.


Ginger can improve blood flow throughout your body and to the penis muscle. It can help you to control Ejaculation.

Green Onion

Green Onion helps in climaxing for a more extended period. It helps to manage premature Ejaculation successfully. Also, the seeds of green onions can boost men’s strength and stamina level.


Garlic helps to increase the length of your sexual relationship. It also helps in improving blood circulation, and sexual pleasure.


It has antioxidant properties that helps to fight from stress or anxiety. You can take Shatavari along with milk to increase your testosterone level.


Spinach contains magnesium which helps in physical and sexual health. People who experience Premature Ejaculation are proven to have a low amount of magnesium within their body compared to those who do not suffer from this condition.


From this article, you have learned how to stop Premature Ejaculation. Also, you can do premature ejaculation exercises to control it. The natural remedies will help improve testosterone level and increase stamina level.


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