How To Stay Motivated in Hard Times: 14 Tips

How To Stay Motivated in Hard Times: 14 Tips

Everybody needs a strong motivation to do something in their lives and without that, one cannot achieve their goals, dreams, and other purposes in their lives.

When a person lacks motivation, he/she feels like they are unable to do anything, plus they can suffer from chronic stress and even depression.

However, when a person is motivated, he/ she becomes ambitious to do multiple things in their life.

All in all, you need to build a strong motivation in yourself to do whatever great things you want to do in your life.

So, let’s dive in to know:

Here’re are the best-proven tips to build strong motivation in your life!

Identify what’s demotivating you

Ask yourself that; why are you demotivated? What is the reason for that and what are the things which are causing demotivation in yourself? And how can you pull yourself out of it?

That is, one must know the answer to these questions otherwise it is almost impossible to get rid of demotivation and make yourself motivated.

You can check out this blog post by to learn how to identify things that are affecting your lifestyle.

Find the source of motivation

There could be someone in your life that gives some sort of motivation to you.

That could be your parents, favorite personalities, or anyone in the world.

Follow that person, learn from their lifestyle, and gain motivation from them.

Remind yourself about bad days

You probably have faced several problems in your past from which you might have recovered.

Remind yourself of that time, realize how you tackled those tough days.

Don’t forget those painful days, and motivate yourself by remembering them.

Believe that something good will happen

As problems come, you can fall into the mindset that nothing good will happen.

Believe to avoid that trap with positive thinking.

When you wake up, tell yourself that something good is about to happen.

Make yourself believe that light of hope is going to appear in your sight.

This will help you to stay motivated and can build strong hope in you.

Let difficult things go

There could be many things that are beyond your control. Simply, forget them and move past them.

By doing this, you can release a reasonable amount of burden from your mind.

Because when you are less burdened, you become easy to do what you want to do.

Don’t forget your mission

Always remember the two things:

  • What are you doing?
  • Why are you doing?

Also, what were your goals when you started? What have you done so far? What is the reason why you failed to do that thing?

It would be helpful if you write down your goals, ambitions, successes, and the important motivating factors to remind yourself daily what you are working towards.

Take a break and heal yourself

You might have tired yourself by thinking and working too much to achieve something.

It is good to take a break and enjoy some days of vacations to new places.

If you can, take a holiday and visit the fresh and green sites where you can give peace to your mind.

If you can’t manage a vacation, just go for a spa break or a long drive to refresh your mind.

Break down big and tough challenges

Achieving big goals can cause a burden in your mind.

The best way to handle the bulk of work is to divide it down into small parts.

By breaking goals into small components, you can easily achieve them with strong satisfaction.

This can also help you to give the best to each small component and achieve them all successfully.

Be happy with a small victory

When you have 10 goals to do in a month, and you’ve achieved one of them, then be proud of you, and celebrate that tiny victory so you can give a little bit of motivation to yourself.

By being happy with little, you can make yourself strongly motivated even if you don’t succeed in a big achievement.

Forgive yourself

Forgive yourself for anything bad you have done. Don’t get demotivated with your mistakes and move forward for the betterment.

If you accept all of your faults, then that means you have learned from your mistakes.

So, don’t demotivate yourself, and let life move on with the new hope.

Learn to live with less

Most people expect too much from their abilities which makes them demotivated.

No matter how much you have, your mind will trap you to gain more than what you have.

Don’t trap into such things, and continue spending your life with what you have. Because whatever you have is everything for you and you cannot steal more than what you deserve.

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Get inspiration from your favorite movie/ book/ songs

Watch movies, read biographies, listen to ambitious songs to add inspiration to yourself.

Also, you can read the motivational quotes of Steve Jobs, Dalai Lama, Martin Luther King Jr, and other inspirational personalities.

Here are some super motivational movies, books, and songs that you must check!

Movies: The Shawshank Redemption, The pursuit of happiness, The blind side, 3 Idiots, Slumdog Millionaire, etc.

Books: The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, Think & Grow Rich, The Power of Positive Thinking, The 5 Second Rule, etc.

Songs: This is going to be the best day of my life, Eye of the tiger, don’t stop Believing, etc.

Take a deep breath

When you get stuck in fearful thoughts, stop and take a deep breath.

Bring yourself to the present moment, and keep yourself calm.

Learn to stop worrying in difficult situations on your own.

Exercise daily

Exercise helps to keep your body active and increases positive moods.

When you exercise, your body gets energized and becomes able to do more work.

What’s more, physical activities also contribute to reducing stress levels.

The Bottom Line

Motivation is just like fuel for our body without which we can’t do what we want.

It is a challenging task to stay motivated in hard times, however, with true ambition and positive thinking, you can keep yourself motivated all the time.

Thus, we hope our guide is going to help you in solving your problem and you are now truly inspired to keep yourself motivated in tough situations.


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