Forget Pricey Hotels: 8 Budget Accommodation Options in the UK For Frugal Travelers

Forget Pricey Hotels: 8 Budget Accommodation Options in the UK For Frugal Travelers

Let’s be honest — traveling in Europe, especially in the UK, can wipe out a year’s worth of savings. When visiting the UK, frugal travelers have a couple of hacks to save money while making the most out of their destination. They may book their transportation in advance, grab coupons, cook their meals, visit museums and other free attractions, and the cheapest tour package possible. 

One of the most tried and tested tricks to save money is to skip expensive hotels and lodge somewhere else. After all, accommodation often makes the biggest chunk of your travel budget. 

So where can you lodge besides pricey hotels in England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland? We’ve rounded up 7 of the best accommodation options that are popular among backpackers and frugal travelers. 

Gone are the days when hostels are nothing but sad, cramped spaces with flimsy bunk beds, giving you absolutely no privacy and peace of mind. Today, there are a wide array of hostel options, not only for solo travelers but also for couples and even families. Today’s modern hostels also look posh and more comfortable. 

  • Save costs with self-catering or vacation rentals

Are you traveling with a big family or a large group of friends? It might be more practical to find self-catering properties in the UK, which range from simple apartments to historic houses. Vacation rentals come with cooking facilities which can help you refrain from eating out. 

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  • Pamper yourself in a deluxe serviced apartment

If you’re looking for a place that combines the luxury of hotel accommodation and the size, furnishings, and comfort of home living, then consider staying in serviced apartments. It’s a perfect accommodation option if you’re staying for extended periods and you’re traveling with someone, like a business partner or family. 

Serviced apartments are bigger than hotel rooms. They also come with fully-equipped kitchens, living rooms, and dining rooms. And as its term suggests, serviced apartments have reliable weekly cleaning services, unlike self-catering vacation rentals. 

As for the price, these suites can give you more savings when compared to hotel accommodation. For instance, a two to three-bedroom serviced apartment in Liverpool can cost as little as a standard one-room hotel suite in the same city. 

  • Soak up the local scene in a good ‘ol B&B

Bed and Breakfasts are usually large homes with individual rooms for guests and a communal space for breakfast. Bed and breakfasts are great options for travelers who wish to get to know the locals a bit more. Owners tend to be friendly and welcoming, and can even give you local insights on off-the-beaten-path destinations. And chances are that the meals served to you are authentic local cuisines. 

  • Find cheap and unique rooms using Airbnb

Airbnb is like a more techie and modern take on traditional short-term rentals (and is possibly the best way to score cheap accommodations in the UK). The website links travelers to people with rooms to rent for a few months (up to a month). These spaces are listed on the Airbnb site, with pictures and descriptions of the room and amenities, plus other details. 

Aside from finding cheap accommodation options, you can even find the most unique places to spend the night in. Ever dreamed of staying in a castle? How about a treehouse or a bubble dome?  

  • Experience UK’s college dorm rooms

The UK is home to some of the oldest and most beautiful universities in the world, so you bet the college dorm rooms here are way better than your average dorm room. 

College rooms range from student dorm rooms that are self-catered to exclusive guest accommodations in historic buildings. 

  • Broke but bold? Try Couch Surfing

Are you sociable and spontaneous enough to stay in a stranger’s home for free? You might be interested in Couch Surfing. It’s a hospitality network where people open their homes to travelers all over the world. No cash is exchanged (gifts to your host are much appreciated) but it’s not guaranteed that you’ll stay in a spotless suite. You’ll also get to know the host’s family. 

  • Enjoy the British countryside by camping

If you’re traveling to a rural area with fresh air, breathtaking natural sceneries, and lots of opportunities for sleeping under the stars, then you may consider camping. It’s a memorable way to see the British countryside and really soak up the environment. Just look for camping sites around the destination you’re visiting and grab your camping equipment. 

Author Bio: Carmina Natividad is a content writer during the weekends, and a travel and food blogger 24/7. She may be an awkward introvert but she’s got a lot to say about travel, food, and cultural appreciation. To know more about hotels and travel blogs, you may visit PREMIER SUITES Liverpool.


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