7 Protective Styles Perfect for the Beach

7 Protective Styles Perfect for the Beach

Heading to the beach this summer vacation? Who doesn’t love being in the sun and around water! While you enjoy your time soaking in the sea and taking long walks on the beach, the same can’t always be said for your hair. We all know that we need to protect our skin and take care of it when we are out doing these things. Meanwhile, we always forget about our hair, and thus the result can be quite troubling. Saltwater from the ocean, humid breeze, sand, pool chemicals, and even longer duration of sun exposure can damage our hair just like it does to our skin!

And when that happens, you will notice changes in the way your hair feels and behaves:

  • It breaks more easily
  • It becomes dry, dull, and hard to manage
  • It takes longer to style and dry
  • It easily tangles and knots
  • It becomes rough

So what does that mean for your summer vacation? Don’t throw out your beach outfits just yet! We have gathered the top 7 protective beach hairstyles (for both short and long hair) to help safeguard your curls so you can enjoy your favorite beach spot without worrying.

But first, what is a protective hairstyle? 

Protective styling is a perfect way to secure your natural hair against unnecessary pulling and manipulation, heat, and other environmental traumas that accompany the summer season. Likewise, wearing a protective style to the beach keeps your locks tight and secure preventing sun, wind, and water damage to the hair. Wigs, buns, two-strand twists, braids, etc. created with or without extensions, all come under protective styling. And just because your hair is covered doesn’t mean you are going to abandon any of your hair care routine. Make sure you keep your protective style moisturized and your scalp clean from time to time. 

With these stylish and easy protective beach hairstyles, don’t let your hair woes stop you from having the best summer vacation ever.

  • Head wraps – Nothing says ‘glamour’ like a beautiful head wrap on the beach. A headwrap is also the ultimate hair accessory! That same headscarf you use to safeguard your hair at night is the same one you would use to protect your hair out and about. It’s perfect for a beach day and it does just the trick when it comes to blocking the sun and protecting color-treated hair too. And the best part is that there are so many stylish ways to wear your hair in a head wrap. Change it up from day to day! Protect those strands in a snazzy head wrap in a vacation-ready print or color and look bright and ready for some fun! Headwraps are a great go-to protective style, and they work for short strands too.

hairstyle                     hairstyles

  • Updo Bun – If you’re looking for easy protective weave hairstyles for short hair, the updo bun is a great hairstyle for both bad hair days and beach hair days alike. If you have long enough hair to be put into a bun, use this as your defensive hairstyle for short natural hair. A supersized bun is also a fabulous way to wear your long, unmanageable hair if you want a style that is feminine and easy to do on your own at home. As well as promoting healthy hair growth and protecting your hair, this hairdo also keeps your tresses out of the neck in scorching weather.

Updo bun

  • Braided pigtails – This is a classic beach protective style, as it’s so easy to do. A fun and expressive look for young women, this budget-friendly protective hairstyle involves parting your hair in two sections-horizontally, diagonally, or down the middle (the most popular) and braiding it into two chunky pigtails. It’s youthful and at the same time stylish, which makes it a very appealing protective option for casual beachwear.

Braided pigtails

  • Twisted bob – A shoulder-length twisted bob is a simple option if you’re seeking classic and timeless protective styles. A twisted bob hairstyle is achieved by combining a great layered cut with perfectly curled twists. The layering of the cut is the key ingredient that makes this style stand out. The twists are perfectly given the right path and cascade on your shoulders and top back. A deep side part with layered twists also adds a bit of depth and eye-intrigue. Mini twists make for a fun, youthful look that will let you enjoy your beach day while giving your curls everything they need. Aside from helping keep hair moisturized, this short layered hairstyle is easy to wash (or co-wash) without too much disruption.

Twisted bob

  • Headband flat twist updo – Not only do flat twist styles look stunning, but they also help to protect your tresses from the harsh summer climate and are much easier to create compared to more intricate braiding methods. Just take a segment of hair from either side of your temples and twist, then wrap every twist around your head to create a halo. Pin them in place and you’re ready to go. Simply beautiful, isn’t it? And what’s great about this style is that it can also be undone at a moment’s notice. A protective style perfect for the beach!

Headband flat twist updo

  • Cornrows – Cornrows are a protective style staple for summer since it allows for maximum protection of precious strands while beating the heat. This hairstyle protects the hair from the scalp to the ends. With the faux pony or bun at the back, turn the protection up a notch while still looking beautiful and stylish. Tiny perfectly aligned front-to-back cornrows feeding into a chunky false pony or braided strands will give you the best of both worlds: splendor and protection! This protective style can also be worn by men with short hair and looks equally good!


  • Thin Fulani braids – Long, thick natural hair looks spectacular in this Alicia Keys-inspired creative protective hairstyle that is quick to braid. This is a style in which you have a distinctive composition of braids on your scalp that switch into loose braids, or hair extensions, that gorgeously fall down your back. Not only are they super versatile, but they’re also easy to take care of too. They are the ideal choice if you want to check a protective style that does not take to braid forever. You can decorate your braids with hair beads or cuffs or pops of color to instantly level up your look.

Thin Fulani braids


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