Accelerate Business Efficiency by Using Microsoft Supply Chain Solutions

Accelerate Business Efficiency by Using Microsoft Supply Chain Solutions

According to the stats provided by Microsoft, businesses using Dynamics 365 supply chain solutions can leverage the return on investment by up to 90% over the period of three years.

With such a whopping return on investment, enterprises might wonder how Dynamics 365 supply chain solutions can deliver high investment returns. – Well, the right integration of Dynamics 365 Supply Chain with the right tool and right Dynamics 365 supply chain consultant partner can furnish a high return on investment using D365 supply chain solutions.

Now you might question the right tools that help businesses leverage such high ROI. – Well, in this article, you will get all the answers to questions. Let’s Get Started.

The Articles is as follows:

  • What is Dynamics 365 Supply Chain?
  • What are the Right Tools that accelerate your business efficiency using D365 supply chain?
  • How to Choose Right Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Consulting Company?
  • Conclusion

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What is Dynamics 365 Supply Chain?

The Microsoft Dynamics 365 enterprise software suite includes a group of programs called Dynamics 365 Supply Chain. It is intended to assist businesses in managing all aspects of their supply chains, such as inventory control, warehouse management, purchasing, production, delivering, maintenance of warehouse, delivery of goods, and logistics.

Built on the Dynamics 365 platform, the Dynamics 365 Supply Chain apps integrate other Dynamics 365 applications and other Microsoft products, such as Office 365, Azure cloud, OneDrive, and Power BI. They are made adaptable and configurable to fulfill the unique requirements of various businesses and industries.

In other words, Dynamics 365 supply chain is the solution to automate, streamline, and organize business supply chain operations to enhance the productivity and efficiency of businesses.

Moreover, by integrating the other Microsoft applications with the D365 supply chain, like Power BI, Microsoft team, Azure Cloud, and Office 365, enterprises can enhance collaboration, plan manufacturing with confidence, deliver with consistency, procure strategy, and, importantly, bring sustainability.

Long story short, Dynamics 365 supply chain is the right tool for enterprises that aid businesses with resilience, acceleration, and efficiency that make the business ready for tomorrow.

What tools can accelerate your Business Efficiency using D365 Supply Chain? 

Disruption in the global supply chain has accelerated the need for the tools that help enterprises to thrive in any business environment. Dynamics 365 supply chain management tools allow businesses to thrive and meet any fast-paced change in customer demand and uncertainty.

Nevertheless, Dynamics 365 supply chain solutions, with the help of the right tools, make businesses robust and ready for the next by resolving critical warehousing material misbalancing, maintaining inventories, delivering logistic services on time, and tracking all the operations in real-time to make quick and agile decisions.

Further in this section, we will discuss the tools that can be used in D365 supply chain solutions to make the enterprise supply chain more efficient, transformative, and intelligent.

Power BI

This tool may build engaging, interactive reports and dashboards that enable data-driven decision-making and offer real-time insights into supply chain performance.

Moreover, with the integration of Power BI in Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management, businesses can get a quick but comprehensive snapshot of their daily operations. And the activities of the entire supply chain can be strategically planned more successfully with such.

Power BI integration.

Additionally, Organizations can have a single view of their inventory, warehousing, manufacturing, services, material sourcing, and supply chain logistics with greater insight assistance from Power BI capabilities and IoT intelligence, which helps to increase the effectiveness of their personnel, procedures, and resources.

Power Automate

By automating time-consuming processes and duties, such as order processing and inventory management, this application can free up time for more strategic endeavors.

Power Automate tool in supply chain management can aid businesses with creating and sending purchase orders to the appropriate people for approval following predetermined rules and criteria, reduces manual work, and increases accuracy.

Moreover, Power Automate can define reorder points, initiate purchase orders when stock levels drop below a predetermined level, and automatically update inventory levels depending on sales orders and purchase orders.

Overall, Power Automate can be used to automatically collect information on consumption and sales trends as well as to estimate demand for stock management.

Organizations may focus on more strategic duties and processes using Power Automate to automate many of the routine operations and procedures in Dynamics 365 for Supply Chain management. This will increase productivity and efficiency on the whole.

Dynamics 365 Commerce

Maintaining product information, pricing, promotions, and order management are all aspects of managing e-commerce operations and client involvement that may be done using this Dynamics 365 commerce.

Dynamics 365 Commerce enables businesses to check inventory levels across numerous channels and manage and update product information, including photos, descriptions, and pricing. To boost sales and foster greater client loyalty, Dynamics 365 Commerce also enables you to design and manage price and promotion tactics like personalized and dynamic pricing.

Moreover, the organization can manage and track customer orders with Dynamics 365 Commerce, including order processing, tracking, and delivery. Overall, Dynamics 365 commerce can aid businesses with enhanced efficiency by automating inventory tasks and managing e-commerce operations.

Dynamics 365 Finance and Operation

Supply chain management, inventory management, and financial management are all included in the comprehensive economic and operational capabilities offered by this Dynamics 365 platform.

A complete perspective of the supply chain, including demand forecasting, production planning, and inventory management, may be provided by integrating D365 FO and D365 SCM.

This enables you to optimize supply chain operations through data-driven decision-making. Additionally, combining D365 FO with D365 SCM can give an organization real-time visibility into inventory levels, allowing you to manage to reorder and track inventory across various locations.

Dynamics 365 Remote Assistance

D364 remote assistance solution can improve efficiency and cut travel expenses by enabling remote cooperation and communication between field service professionals and headquarters.

Businesses can solve problems in real-time related to inventories, warehouses, or logistics. On HoloLens or Dynamics 365 Remote Assist mobile, employees may share a real-time view with professionals remotely to obtain assistance while remaining hands-free.

How to Choose Right Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Consulting Company? 

There are several factors to consider when picking a Dynamics 365 supply chain consulting firm to make sure you pick one that can offer the best solutions and support for your business:

Experience and knowledge: Search for a business that has a track record of effectively deploying and supporting Dynamics 365 supply chain solutions for companies similar to yours. Partnering with seasoned dynamics 365 supply chain management consulting services providers will benefit organizations with seamless integration of supply chain solutions. It will provide their expertise for better development of the organization.

Industry expertise: Pick a partner familiar with your sector, including all its unique issues and demands. The Dynamics 365 supply chain consultant enterprise that chooses should have good expertise in the field of supply chain management and have experts that have worked in supply chain management in the past. The expertise of the dynamics 365 supply chain consulting services provider will help with the right solutions and reduce the organization’s costs.

Solutions and services: Seek out a business that can help your venture with various solutions and services, such as implementation, customization, integration, and continuing support and maintenance. Dynamics 365 supply chain consulting firm should also have a crew of experts that provides continuous support with updates and new solutions and provide their expertise to make the business ready for tomorrow.

Microsoft Partner – Check if the firm is a Microsoft Partner. This is crucial since Microsoft Partners have access to training and resources that can help them create solutions that satisfy your company’s needs.

Importantly, partnering with Managed Service Provider Expert is the best choice for organizations. MSP experts are the highest-grade Microsoft certified partners that have gone through all Microsoft qualification scenarios and have meet all Microsoft prerequisites. Hence partnering with MSP experts will benefit the organization in long-term aspects.

Customer references: References from previous and present customers should be requested. Speak with the references to obtain a sense of the client’s interactions with the business and the caliber of the services and assistance they received.

Collaboration and communication: Pick a simple partner, attentive to your demands and ready to collaborate with your team to comprehend your organization and offer solutions that satisfy your requirements.

Cost and budget: Seek a business with competitive pricing, a flexible engagement model, and the ability to work within your constraints to maximize your return on investment.


Businesses looking for resilient, robust, and future-ready supply chain management should embark on Dynamics 365 supply chain solutions. With D365 SCM, companies can experience agile efficiency in the industry due to in-built AI, IoT, and ML technology that make companies ready for the next and effective to react in any business environment.

Built customized, insightful, and innovative supply chain solutions using Dynamics 365 platform, partnering with an experienced dynamics 365 supply chain consultant service provider.


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