Why The Vegan Alternative To Leather Idea By Asif Ali Gohar Can Be A Game Changer In The Vegan Industry?

Why The Vegan Alternative To Leather Idea By Asif Ali Gohar Can Be A Game Changer In The Vegan Industry?

The top issue many vegans face in this world is finding products that are animal-free. For example, it is tough for women to buy bags that are not made from leather. Besides that, it is also difficult for vegans to get products that are animal cruelty-free.

Fortunately, one man has developed a formula that can change the vegan industry significantly. His name is Asif Ali Gohar, a Pakistani who has been living in Germany since the age of 12.

Do you want to know more about him and how he is changing the world? If so, continue reading to learn more.

Asif Ali Gohar: A Brief Introduction

Asif Ali Gohar was born in Karachi, Pakistan, in 1992. His parents moved to Hamburg, Germany, when he was 12 years old. Consequently, Asif also moved to this country and adopted a new lifestyle after learning the culture.

The top change that came into Gohar’s life was when he turned 15 years old. During this period, he decided to remove meat from his life and become a vegan. Since then, he has been trying to make the world a better place for animals and humans.

What Is The Vegan Alternative To Leather Idea By Asif Ali Gohar?

The vegan alternatives to leather idea are aimed towards offering people vegan-friendly leather products. Asif has developed a formula that enables to make leather slime from rice. He then combines the product with acetic acid bacteria and yeast to make a solid fabric.

This fabric has a similar texture to leather and can be used to make multiple vegan-friendly products. Asif’s inspiration for using rice is his homeland Pakistan. The country is the tenth-largest rice exporter globally and has extensive knowledge about rice.

Why Can The Project Be Game Changer In The Vegan Industry?

Here are the key reasons to help you understand the potential of Asif Ali Gohar’s idea:

  1. It Offers A Cost-Effective Solution

The key thing to note is that most vegan products on the market are highly expensive. This is because they require various rare components for the production process. However, Asif’s idea will help the industry reduce costs when making leather vegan.

Firstly, rice is a sustainable and affordable option in Pakistan and other countries. Besides that, the production process does not require many components. The necessary primary ingredients are yeast and acetic acid bacteria. So the overall costs do not reach a sky-high limit.

  1. It Will Introduce Completely Vegan Leather Into The Market

The best part about Asif Ali’s project is that the final fabric is a component with a leather texture. This is why it serves as the best substitute for animal products. Not only that, but the fabric is entirely vegan and does not require animal testing or outsourcing.

All these features enable a completely vegan product to enter the market. The top thing is that this item will still be high-quality and durable like standard leather products.

Closing Thoughts

This is what you need to know about the importance of Asif Ali Gohar’s idea. If you are an investor or know one, please contact Asif and collaborate with him for the business launch.

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