Who and what is Sinopec Online?


Sinopec is among the biggest oil and chemical companies that you can find out there in the world. If you are looking forward to purchasing premium quality lubricants in Australia, Sinopec is one of the most prominent brands that you will come across. In fact, Sinopec lubricants and oils are popular all around the world as it has a production capacity of more than 684 million gallons per year.

History of Sinopec

Sinopec Limited was founded in February 2000 as a joint stock company within the China Petrochemical Corporation Group (Sinopec Group). In October 2000, the business was listed in Hong Kong, New York, and London at the same time. In June 2001, a Shanghai listing was finalized.

Analysts have classified it as a larger downstream oil company than PetroChina because of its legacy asset base from Sinopec Group. By yearly volume handled, Sinopec is Asia’s biggest oil refinery. Sinopec produces around a quarter of the raw crude oil produced by PetroChina, but 60 percent more refined goods every year.

Sinopec purchased Shengli Petroleum’s assets in December 2006, the major asset of which was a mature domestic oil field, in order to stabilize crude inputs and increase the utilization rate of its existing refineries. Sinopec Group’s offshore oil and gas-producing assets were purchased for $1.5 billion in March 2013 by China Petroleum and Chemical Corp. Sinopec paid $3.1 billion in August 2013 for a 33 percent share in Apache Corporation’s Egyptian oil and gas company.

Sinopec as of now

As of now, Sinopec is a publicly traded company. It has upstream operations, midstream operations, as well as downstream operations. The main business stream of Sinopec is to offer oil and petrochemical products to the market, including lubricants. However, you will also be able to see how the brand offers numerous other products to the market.

Premium lubricants offered by Sinopec

Sinopec is a brand that offers premium lubricants to the Australian market as of now. There is a high demand for Sinopec lubricants, as it is the second largest oil refiner out there in the world. On top of that, Sinopec is the fourth largest lubricants company in the world as well. it could receive such fame and reputation by offering a top-quality service for the customers in need. Hence, there is no need to keep any second thoughts in mind as you go ahead, and purchase products offered by Sinopec.

Sinopec offers a variety of lubricants and related products to the market. Out of them, fully synthetic engine oils hold a prominent place. On top of that, you can also see how Sinopec offers turbine lubricants for the people who need to access them. Technical expertise of Sinopec is something outstanding. On top of that, the company excels in performance credentials as well. It is maintaining the expertise along with time, while committing to the quality standards. Hence, no person should worry about anything at the time of seeking the assistance of Sinopec to purchase products.

One of the best things about Sinopec is the collection of products available for sale under the brand. As of now, Sinopec is offering more than 700 different product variants to the market. Hence, any person who is looking for lubricants can stick to what is made available by Sinopec. In other words, greases, and oils for all sorts of applications are available from Sinopec. The premium quality lubricants offered under the Sinopec brand are quite popular among businesses out there. That’s because Sinopec is not a brand that will lead the businesses to disappointment. Instead, Sinopec lubricants can impress businesses with results.

The quality of Sinopec products

Another great thing to note about Sinopec is the quality of products available. As a leading grease and lubricant manufacturing brand, Sinopec offers the highest quality products. It is true that you can purchase these products at an affordable price tag. However, there is no compromise in product quality under any circumstance. Hence, you may keep the peace of mind and take a look at products that are available.

All products available under Sinopec surpass International OEM standards. On top of that, the products are manufactured according to the specifications of Accreditation Authority. This ensures the fact that you may use the products for any of your applications, and you will never end up with being disappointed about the results that come on your way.

What makes Sinopec products stand out?

Sinopec is not the only lubricant manufacturer or distributor in Australia. However, the brand maintains a strong reputation when compared to other services providers. That’s because the brand offers products that are capable of delivering tailored experiences. On top of that, you can get an exceptional service out of products that are available. The products would continue to make the world run smoothly as well.

Stick to Sinopec and you will end up with purchasing premium quality lubricants, which are manufactured by one of the best brands out there in the world. You can trust the reputation of the company and start using products that are available for your purchase. On the other hand, you can stick to the brand and experience the new and innovative products that they make available to you along with time. No matter what, the brand has a genuine focus on the customers and impressing customers with top-notch products.

Final words

Now you have a strong understanding on what Sinopec is all about. The brand offers a variety of premium quality greases and lubricants to the people in need. In other words, Sinopec is offering lubricants and greases for all major industry sectors out there. Whether you are looking for lubricants and greases in earthmoving industry, mining industry, bus, truck and marine industry, agriculture industry, or construction industry, you may go ahead with what is offered. Quality guarantee comes with all products, and you will end up with getting your specific requirements catered without a problem.

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