Ruby on Rails Developers for Hire In 2023 – An Expert Guide

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Are you looking for Ruby on Rails Developers for Hire? Do you want to build a web-based or cross-platform product or otherwise look for experts to maintain it? Well, by the end of this concise guide, you’d be able to do it with ease. 

Ruby on Rails is a popular open-source web development framework known for its versatility and rapid development cycle. It is best for building scalable, fast, robust, and secure applications and websites. Many companies, especially those with a huge traffic base, are using Ruby on Rails. Companies include Airbnb, Hulu, Shopify, GitHub, Netflix, Twitter, etc. 

So, if you are looking to Hire Ruby on Rails developers, this guide will help you giving clarity about the process. Let’s start.

Important Things to Look for While Seeking Ruby on Rails Developers for Hire

When considering Ruby on Rails developers for hire, every company has different requirements for the particular job role. Some might want a Junior Ruby developer while some require senior or expert Ruby developers. Some hire to build the whole project while some hire for specific functions. 

Whatever the position is, a Ruby on Rails developer should be equipped with both technical understanding and non-technical skills. Hence, you will have to figure out the ideal candidate for your project as per the skills and experience required. Here is a list of some common skills you should consider:

Expert Ruby programmer

Knowledge of Ruby programming language is highly essential. The backend language is the backbone of the Rails framework and the programmer actually codes in this language. Hence, a practical knowledge of this language is essential. The language is best for building desktop applications, web applications, websites, business logic, data processing services, and automation tools. 

Practical Experience with Ruby on Rails 

The Ruby on Rails developers for hire should have worked with the framework. Practical experience is required to know they can write clear and efficient code. Other than that, they should know the MVC architecture, Data Structure, class, modules, and Ruby Gems. Along with how to implement them in the coding.


Application Programming Interface (API) allows communication between two applications. They are essential for sharing data and executing predefined processes. Ruby on Rails developers has to be able to implement them for establishing communication between two applications.


Knowledge of databases helps developers to build their backend better. It helps in organizing information, debugging applications, and detecting errors to improve overall performance. A Ruby on Rails developer should have knowledge of database technologies like Oracle, SQL, MySQL, etc. Other than that, they should know how to use Ruby functions such as Active Record.

Domain Knowledge 

If you are seeking expert Ruby on Rails developers for hire, make sure they have basic knowledge and skills related to the framework and the project. Database management, integrating data from different sources, integrating different components in a single system, cybersecurity, Ruby Gems, and REST API. In addition, it is better to hire Ruby on Rails developers with prior experience so they can handle the project well. 

Effective communication

The developer has to communicate with the clients, teammates, stakeholders, management, and other members of the development stages to explain details about the app development and to take feedback. Being able to communicate and express clearly is a must-have skill to look for in the Ruby on Rails developers for hire.

Models to Hire Ruby on Rails Developers

There are three ways you can select the best Ruby on Rails developers for hire for your company and project. 

Freelance Ruby on Rails Developer

Selecting a freelance Ruby on Rails developer for hire is the perfect option for a small budget and a particular gig. Though finding them could require some strenuous work and effort. There are many platforms such as Fiverr, Freelancers, etc, that provide expert freelance Ruby on Rails developers for hire on specific projects. You may have to pay attention to their skills and expertise before hiring them. They are often hired only for short-term work for 3-4 days at best. 

Full-time Ruby on Rails Employees

These are the regular employees who form your core team. They can be in-house developers or remote-based workers based on your specifications. They are salaried employees and perhaps the costliest on the list. However, they stay with your company longer and are valuable during any emergency or immediate work. Websites like LinkedIn, Monster, indeed, etc., can help you get started in searching for full-time Ruby on Rails developers for hire. Post a job description with your company and project requirements, developer skills required, budget, and other necessary information, and wait for the developers to apply. Since it is a long-term opportunity, be careful while picking and interviewing your developer.


The middle option of the two. The budget here depends upon the region you are hiring the developers from, the project requirement, and the company you are hiring from. Outsourcing individual developers or a whole team augmentation will be based on the project requirements. There are many companies such as Optimize that can get you high-quality Ruby on Rails developers for hire within 48 hours. You can scale up the team if the requirements changes and these companies also assist, consult and provide management support 24/7 as well. They have pre-vetted developers who can take care of all the technicalities of your project. You can interview them and negotiate the deal along with the budget, time constraints, and signing a contract.

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I hope this Ruby on Rails developers hiring guide has assisted you in clarifying some essentials for hiring Ruby on Rails developers. The skills are an important aspect, and they should always align with your project goals. The cost, however, varies along with the region, job role, and platform associated. If you are looking to hire the ideal talent for your project but don’t know where and how to start, you can get in touch with Optimize. We offer the top 3% of the best pre-vetted remote Ruby on Rails developers who are highly trained and skilled in providing custom-based solutions and building a market-friendly and scalable application. You can easily hire developers in 48 hours with a 15-day risk-free trial.