Everything You Can Get in a CPN Tradeline Package

Everything You Can Get in a CPN Tradeline Package

A poor credit score can have devastating consequences on your financial status. With a credit score below 700, you are likely to be denied a loan and similar financial services. You could lose your ability to borrow money from different lending institutions in the future, or you could be charged a high rate of interest for new loans. It will also be more difficult for you to get a job, rent an apartment, or apply for professional licenses. 

It is important to maintain a healthy credit score, but for whatever reason you fail to do so, you can choose a number of methods to improve your credit standing, such as becoming an authorized user or paying back your debt. One such helpful way is purchasing a tradeline package from a reliable provider.

Understanding CPN and Tradelines

CPN, also known as Credit Profile Number or Credit Privacy Number, is a 9-digit identification number similar to a Social Security Number. It serves the same purpose as the latter and is considered an effective alternative for building your credit with a new slate. It contains basic information about you but does not include any sensitive data and hence, protects you from identity theft.

On the other hand, tradelines are the records of credit and debit activity on the bank accounts of people. They appear on a credit report and can impact a person’s credit score. Tradelines can be positive (such as timely repayment of loans and mortgages) or negative (missed payments on loans and utility bills) and include information about an individual’s payment history, credit limit, and balances. 

What You Get in a CPN Tradeline Package

When you buy CPN tradeline packages from a service provider, you get the following:

A unique CPN number: You will receive a unique Credit Profile Number that you can use in lieu of your Social Security Number. So, you will have a clean credit file registered with all 3 credit bureaus against your new CPN, and you can build your credit score from there on. 

Tradelines aged at least a year: Depending on the package you buy; you can get up to 4 tradelines aged anywhere from 1-5 years. The older a tradeline, the more reliable it is. Adding tradelines will help build your credit history positively, and you can go from being a thin-file borrower to a reliable creditor.

Improved Average Credit Score: A credit score of 700 is considered a great score, and with a package, you can improve your credit standing to this desirable figure! With a bigger package, you may get an average credit score of an impressive 780.

Impressive Credit Limits: Along with a good credit score achieved with the help of a CPN Tradeline package, your credit limits are also increased. You can take out more monthly credit on your account, and if you maintain your score properly, the credit limits can exceed the national average in no time!

You can see that with the combined power of CPN and tradelines, you can revive your credit history and make yourself a viable borrower for banks and other lending institutions. 

To Conclude

A low credit score shouldn’t worry or discourage you because there are many ways to improve it easily and efficiently. 

Authorized User Tradelines offers you irresistible packages that give you unique CPN and aged tradelines to boost your credit standing in no time! With the right package for your financial needs, you can become a credible borrower and benefit from relatively low interest rates offered to such borrowers. Our packages are perfect for people who want to take out personal & business lines of credit, auto or home loans, credit cards, and more! Receive your CPN in just a few hours and the completed file in less than 3 weeks and be on your way to achieving your financial goals swiftly. Buy a CPN tradeline package today.

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