Open The VPN App And Log In With The Account You Created

Open The VPN App And Log In With The Account You Created

Connect to a VPN server in the correct country. Most VPNs show a list of locations within their software. Do you want to watch a Dutch stream? Then choose a Dutch server. For other FIFA live streams, you can choose another appropriate server. At the bottom of this article you will find a list of streams that work in the Netherlands and abroad.

Turn on the VPN by clicking on “connect”. Some VPNs connect automatically once you choose a VPN server. Open your favorite 스포츠중계 application or website, such as NPO, NOS or the Ziggo Go app. You now have access anywhere in the world, because your internet traffic is routed via the Netherlands. Have fun!

You shouldn’t have any problems with the VPNs suggested in this article, as long as you choose the right server location. Doesn’t it work? Then try to connect to another server in the same location and delete the cookies from your browser.

The best VPN providers for the World Cup

We have already recommended a good VPN service to you in our step-by-step plan. Of course there are many more good VPN providers. When looking for a provider you, there are a number of things to keep in mind. For watching World Cup matches you want a VPN with:

  • Servers in the country where the stream you want to watch is broadcast (i.e. Dutch servers for a stream with Dutch commentary).
  • A fast and stable connection to ensure that your stream does not have to buffer constantly.
  • A cheap subscription, so it doesn’t cost too much. We have a list of some decent free VPN services, but unfortunately they often don’t work well for streaming.

Based on the above factors, we have three suggestions for you. If you ask us, these are the very best VPN providers to use for streaming the World Cup. Of course you can also use these suggestions to watch other important football matches or European Championship football.

Nord VPN: Fast and stable FIFA streaming

Nord VPN is one of the most popular VPNs in the world, and for good reason. This VPN offers fast servers, stable connections, and great streaming options. With a server network spanning countless countries worldwide, there is a good server location for almost every FIFA stream. This provider also has more than enough servers in the Netherlands.

In addition, Nord VPN is easy to use, even for novice VPN users. If you want, you can even use NordVPN on your PlayStation, Xbox One or Nintendo Switch by installing it on your router, so you can easily watch every World Cup match on those devices too.

Nord VPN is fantastic value for money, which we like to reward by calling it the best VPN for FIFA. Don’t forget to use their 30-day money-back guarantee so you can test their service.

Express VPN: Watch live football easily

When it comes to results, Express VPN is our absolute favorite VPN provider. This service has servers all over the world, including multiple server locations in the Netherlands, meaning you can watch the World Cup from almost any country. The ExpressVPN servers are stable and achieve great connection speeds. The software is very intuitive, making it easy to set up, and it works on all popular devices and operating systems. This makes Express VPN an ideal VPN provider for watching FIFA World Cup matches.

The only reason Express VPN isn’t our #1 VPN for World Cup streaming is the subscription price. ExpressVPN is a relatively expensive provider, while other options, such as Nord VPN, are quite cheap, especially if you choose a longer plan. Are you curious? Then you can try ExpressVPN for a limited time without spending any money. Simply use their money back guarantee to get a 30 day free trial.


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