7 Things to Consider While Placing Order for Custom Printed Uniform

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When you have to place an order for the sports team uniform, you have to consider various important factors. The custom uniform is a way to represent your team uniquely. The custom uniforms will help in strengthening up the morale of people. 

When you have to design the custom uniform for the sports team, you have to pay attention to color, fit, and material. You should always keep various things in your mind while placing an order for the custom printed uniform. Here, in this article, we are going to describe various important factors while placing an order for the custom printed uniform:  

1. Choose The Right Fabric

The custom uniforms need good quality material that ensures comfort and flexibility to players while they are playing the match. The different types of fabrics are available in the market that can be used for creating custom uniforms for the sports team such as pro-mesh, polyester, cotton, etc. The type of material you choose will affect your performance. 

Thus, it is imperative to consider the characteristics of fabric before using it for sewing your custom uniform. While choosing the fabric for your sports team, you should consider the types of sports. For instance, if you play hockey then you should choose flexible and sweat-wicking material for your custom hockey jerseys

On the other hand, if you play chess, you can choose a non-flexible fabric that is visually appealing and comfortable to wear. Some fabrics can be characterized by the snag and stain-resistant properties. These types of fabrics are good for those sports uniforms in which players sweat a lot.

2. Pay Attention To Personalization

When we talk about the custom uniform, personalization plays a vital role. The process of personalization will ensure that your team members will look different from other team members. The custom uniform will be printed with the name of your team, your team’s logo, and the name of the players. 

Thus, the custom printed uniform will help in strengthening the bond among various team members. Also, it helps in representing the unique identity of the team’s players. You should take the help of a reputable printing contractor and various uniforms printed properly, quickly, and efficiently.

3. Choose Color of Sport’s Uniform

You should wisely choose the color of your uniform. It is so because the color of your uniform will become your identity. You should choose that color that suits your personality. 

Picking the right color for your uniform is one of the most difficult things to do while designing a custom jersey. If you want to have two different colors in your custom printed uniform, you should choose contrasting colors.

4. Print Logo Of Your Team

The customized uniform of your sports team is incomplete without your team’s logo. You should print the logo of your team in front size and make sure that it is visible to everyone. You can also consult the printing service providers and ask him/her about the placement of the team’s logo on your uniform. 

If you do not have any logo for your team, you should hire a graphic designer to prepare the logo for your sports team quickly. Once the logo is ready, you can print it over your sports uniform like custom soccer uniforms and make your uniform different from others.

5. Pay Attention To Size

Not all team members have the same measurement for the custom uniform. It is important to make sure that the custom uniforms of your team member are tailored as per their size. Therefore, you should take an accurate measurement of your team members. Make a list and write down the name of all team members. 

After that, start taking measurements and precisely mention them in front of the name of your sport’s team members. The best thing about placing an order for the custom uniform is that the team players will not face any problem related to the size. 

6. Place Order For Custom Printed Accessories

It is an undeniable fact that when you place an order for printing garments in bulk, then you can enjoy a huge discount. The custom sports uniform also includes custom printed accessories. If you want to get a huge discount, you should place an order for a custom hat, custom socks, custom bags, etc along with the custom uniform.

7. Place Oder For Spirit Shirt

You should also place an order for the spirit shirts along with the custom uniform. The sprit shirts should be printed with the name of the team and it should be in the same color as that of your custom uniform. You can sell these shirts to the fans of your team. They will wear the spirit shirts and increase the morale of your favorite sports team members.

Final Words

You should consider the above-mentioned features while placing an order for the custom uniform for your sports team.

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