Important Things About Immigration Advisors


Immigration consultants help people immigrate from one country to another. New Zealand immigration appeal, resettlement services, immigration decisions. Each of these is taken care of by the immigration advisors. They are well-known for providing legal services in various areas of immigration law.

What’s the work of immigration consultants and advisors?

Immigration consultants help people emigrate from one country to another. The legal documentation is made easy with the legal immigration advisors. They increase your chances of immigration for work, travel, study or business purposes. Immigration advisors started working in 1960. That was back when a large number of qualified people were migrating to the US. This was from Latin America and Asia.

There are innumerable responsibilities of immigration consultants. But, it’s not limited to –

  • Preparing clients for the VISA interviews, if required
  • Assessment of customers chances of being approved for the visas.
  • Helping in the preparation of client’s immigration paperwork and applications.
  • Proofreading the documentation to ensure they’re error-free and accurate.
  • Assisting clients in all the phases of immigration to New Zealand. It includes express entry, family sponsorships, refugee claims, PR, etc.

Immigration advisors provide you advice on many things. They’re qualified enough to do so. There are many levels of immigration advisors. Check them out.

Level 1 – Advice and Assistance

A level 1 immigration advisor provides you advice on simple cases. For instance, getting a business visa extension, or when you’ve no issues with work. When all the necessary documents are not available, in such cases, they advise you. Such immigration advisors can help you with

  • entry clearance
  • leave to remain
  • leave to enter
  • EU and EEA law

Level 2 – Casework

Level 2 advisors can do everything that Level 1 advisors do. They can accept intricate cases. In case, you’ve issues with immigration and want to remain in the same country, they will help you. Immigration advisers under this category can help you –

  • With human right applications, claims for asylum
  • With your visa application review
  • With your visa expiry
  • Or, if you’re being removed or deported from a specific place

Level 3 Advocacy and Representation

Level 3 immigration advisors can do anything that Level 1 and 2 advisers do. Moreover, they can appear at the immigration tribunal on your behalf. In many cases, they also help you get to the court.

On the whole, you must know that an immigration advisor is an expert who provides you legal support and help. They’re good for providing legal help to those who want to go for study, travel, work or business purposes. Even if you want to obtain New Zealand citizenship, they would help you in that. The immigration advisors work under strict deadlines and communicate better with the authorities. Furthermore, they have a strong understanding of the immigration processes. Any other related legislation can also be understood with the help of these advisors.

Immigration advisors have efficient communication skills and follow effective teamwork guidelines. The nature of their work requires continuous ability to compromise. Plus, the ability to interpret and communicate effectively makes them stand out.


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