Instagram Followers are Constantly Falling Issue

Instagram Followers are Constantly Falling Issue

For our users who are faced with the Instagram Followers Constantly Falling Problem, we have conveyed the causes and solutions to this problem to our article.

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Social media giant Instagram has a steadily increasing user base. The reason for this is that the Instagram application regularly offers new features to its users. In addition to the new features, the most important issue that users are curious about is the problem of Instagram automatically deleting followers. So what is the cause of this problem?

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The main reason for this problem is that the number of Instagram followers is not correct, or the Instagram application regularly updates and deletes bot accounts, i.e. unused profiles, to bring the security of users to the next level. If there are unused bot accounts among your followers, there will be a decrease in your number of followers with the problem of counting wrong followers on Instagram with the new update. Thus, bots and unused accounts will decrease on Instagram.

The Main Reasons for Declining Instagram Followers!

If your Instagram followers have declined, most of the profiles that follow you may have been disabled. The main reason for this problem is that Instagram closes the update bot accounts.

If your followers with a decline are not bots, that is, they are active real followers, the number of followers on Instagram does not increase. In this case, the people who follow you may not like your posts and may unfollow them.

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Other Reasons;

One of the most common mistakes made by users who have problems such as dropping Instagram follower count is that they constantly share the same subject and similar to one another. As this situation becomes a boring situation among the followers, my Instagram followers suddenly decreased, or losing followers will cause problems.

The problems can be listed as follows:

Sharing repeatedly: The beginning of the mistakes made by the users is to share many times on the same day. Instagram follower’s decrease in 2017 is among the situations that are boring by followers. Users who do not want to experience this problem are recommended to share 2-3 times a day.

Not Using Hashtags: Another problem that users should know is that they do not use hashtags on photo or video posts while posting on Instagram. Using hashtags on shared photos is seen by many people, but also allows them to gain likes and followers.

Not following them mutually Finally, when it is said that they should follow me on Instagram but I do not want to follow them, it will be possible to lose followers frequently. As a solution to this problem, if you follow the users who follow you, your problem will be minimized.

We have come to the end of our article titled Instagram follower drop 2018. You can easily access all the information you have wondered about Instagram on our blog.

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