How to Clean Washing Machine and Keep it Free from Odour

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Laundry reminds you of clean and freshly scented clothes and so should your washing machine, too. Let’s face the fact that people pay minimum attention to the maintenance of their washing machines. And, when it comes to the front-load washer, you might experience a pungent smell after consistent use. You encounter a musty and stinking smell inside the washer.

Now, it’s time to roll up your sleeves and sneak into how to clean washing machines. Well, apart from instant relief from that unnecessary smell, you need to maintain the health of your machine. So, you won’t invite any health risk to yourself, as well as you can extend the longevity of the appliance. Before trying out solutions, let’s find out the causative agent of the stinky smell inside the washing machine.

Why Washing Machine Releases Pungent Odour?

While investigating the reason for the smelly conditions of front-loading washers, one thing struck our mind. Why mostly do the front-load washers get affected with that sharp, mildew smell? Why don’t the top-load washers experience a similar strong smell? Maybe you have encountered musty smells for top-load washing machines too; but, the intensity of the smell tends to be much less than the front-load ones.

Generally, front-load washers are best known for their washing capacity, as well as saving both energy and water. You need to fill a top-load washing machine with water to a high level. And, front-loaders require less water in comparison to top-loaders. And, the movement of the front-loaders drum does the right job while washing the clothes.

Everything seems uninterrupted and completely fine if you don’t switch to overrated detergents and fabric conditioners inside the machine. All the residue that remains stuck- such as soapy scum or lint tends to stay inside the drum. And, as the washing machine deals with repetitive moisture and heat, it certainly provides a hotbed for molds, germs, and of course, mildew.

On the other hand, the front-loaders keep their water intact within the appliance with the rubber gasket of the door. The gasket comes in the touch of all the residue and it can smell worse than the drum. Meanwhile, germs find a happy place to breed in. Consider replacing the gasket if it has wear and tear, by availing services from Washing Machine Repair in Dubai.

How to Clean a Washing Machine?

Let us clear one thing for sure that running a heavy-duty cycle inside the washing machine won’t solve your issue. Basically, the scums tend to multiply to some extent. So, as an immediate rescue to the mildew nature of your washing machine, here’s what you can try for now.

You will need baking soda, water, white vinegar, and a scrubber or sponge. Now, take a bowl and add 2 TBsp of baking soda and 2 TBsp of water. You can use a bottle too for easy mixing. Pour this solution into the detergent container of the machine. Add 2 cups of vinegar to the drum of the appliance. Switch on a normal cycle but consider high temperatures. And, of course, don’t include any cloth in the machine.

After the load cycle completes, use the scrubber or sponge to get rid of water and soap scums from the washing machine. For better results, you can consider the sponge to be soaked in a 50-50 water-vinegar solution. If you find anything faulty while cleaning the appliance, contact Washing Machine Repair in Dubai. 

However, you should add this cleaning process to your monthly cleaning regime. Additionally, you can find absolute solutions to such odors with commercial freshening agents.

Maintenance Tips to Keep your Washing Machine Fresh as New

Apart from a normal load per month, you can keep the washing machine at its best with some simple practices. All these maintenance tips would say goodbye to the stinking smell forever. These maintenance tips can drive the change and keep the machine free from molds and germs. 

  • First, use only suggested fabric detergent. Don’t experiment with various commercial detergents and fabric conditioners. If softener feels important to you, then add a woolen ball inside the dryer.
  • Never tuff the machine with garments to its highest load. Otherwise, overstuffing would result in a damp drum and insist on the mould and germ build-up.
  • Refrain from sitting the wet clothes in the washing machine. After each wash, don’t forget to empty the washer and transfer those damp clothes to the dryer. This habit would help in how to clean washing machines, as well as clothes. 
  • Take care of the rubber gasket of the machine door. After every cycle, consider wiping the rubber gasket so that moisture, lint, and hair can’t accumulate there. Moreover, keep the door open for a while to let the fresh air flow inside-out the washing machine. Carefully examine the gasket for any fault. Otherwise, the washing machine can leak water. Contact Washing Machine Repair in Dubai for instant service.
  • Similarly, consider the drum equally as the rubber gasket. If the drum stays damp for a stretch, then it can bring back the same nasty experience with a musty odor. Besides keeping the door open for some time, you can switch on the fan. Also, you can purchase a humidifier to keep control of the humidity everywhere around your home.

Finally, Consider Washing Machine Repair in Dubai

Keep your washing machine at its optimum performance status with regular servicing. Thus, you can stay away from the immature breakdown of the washing machine. Try to adopt all the above-mentioned tips to maintain cleanliness and hygiene. And, don’t forget to clean the lint every week.

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