How to Get Perfect Shave: Tips for Men

How to Get Perfect Shave: Tips for Men

Shaving is not an art to just drag a sharp blade across your face. No wonder, men usually face issues during shaving. It is related to the choice they make between razors, natural herbal products, or chemical-based shave gel and lotions. Of course, there is no shortage of razors, tools, and grooming range to shave or shape up the beard. Still, men face issues while shaving:

Razor burn – It’s so frustrating to have razor burns after a close shave. It could be a reason for dry shaving, aggressive strokes with dull blades, or shaving too fast. This skin irritation causes redness and arrives just after the process.

Nicks & cuts – It is the most common problem among men. This condition arises due to the lack of lubrication, old or too dull blade, and trying hard to get a closer and cleaner shave.

Ingrown hairs – It is one of the most painful problems, caused due to improper shaving. This situation occurs when broken hair grows beneath the skin inside the follicles.

Razor Bumps – Did you know that razor bumps run deeper? This condition arises aftershave when hair curls and turns inward and new skin cells grow over it. The hair traps and causes a bump with pain.

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These issues during a shave can be a big challenge and also a reminder of a bad job. Thankfully, adding some extra care and tips along with the right grooming skincare products can help a lot to change your world. This post will help you to get the best shaving experience every time. Whether you are a beginner or a pro, these guidelines will assist you to know the lack points. Let’s know how to shave with a proper guide:

#1: Preparation

This first step is the key to the perfect shave.

It ensures the softness of facial hair. The right time to do prep is after a hot shower. It makes beard hair and skin free from oil & dirt. Using a pre-shaving gel for men or lotion helps to remove the barrier between the skin and razor.

#2: Use Shaving Cream

Go for shaving cream or gel from naturals herbal products.

Applying a high-quality Ayurvedic shaving cream with natural ingredients helps to enhance the lubrication between the skin and beard hair. It hydrates hairs and helps you to get a closer shave with a smooth razor glide over the skin. It controls the risk of skin inflammation, razor burns, nicks, and cuts. Keep in mind, direct shave onto dry skin may cause harmful effects.

#3: Check Dull Blades & Start Shaving

If your blade or the lubrication strips look faded or dull, replace it. Always start shaving in the direction of hair grows with light, gentle and short strokes. Shaving gel or cream’s lubrication allows the razor to glide smoothly over the beard or skin. This step helps to prevent razor bumps and burns.

Avoid pressing too hard or double strokes, if you’re sure that your razor is sharp and clean. 

#4: Rinse the razor after each swipe

This step of shaving helps to minimize the risk of skin irritation and inflammation.

#5: Shave Again

After a rinse, re-apply shaving foam or gel on the face and shave again on the missed areas. The second shave ensures a clean, fresh look with a silky smooth texture.

#6: After Shaving Lotion

After the second stroke, you’re not done yet. Rinse your face with cold water.

Apply after shaving lotion to prevent skin dryness. It makes the skin hydrated, soothes any irritation, and prevents bacterial growth on the face.  

Moisture, moisture & moisture. This is what your skin wants.

#7: Store Razor at a dry place

It is suggested to rinse the razor and store it at a dry place so that bacteria growth on the razor can be avoided.

Never leave your shaving razor or tool in the wet sink.

#8: Final step

Assemble your grooming kit and don’t forget to buy ayurvedic products for your grooming and skincare range. If you’re thinking about the ayurvedic stores near me, then take a sigh of relief and go online. Pure organic brands are available online and offering a range of natural herbal products range for men.



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