Face Shaving Dos and Don’ts for Women

Face Shaving Dos and Don’ts for Women

Today everyone desires silky smooth and glowing skin to flaunt their looks. We are willing to try every skin hack just to get the desired results. We are going to introduce you to an easy and skin-friendly hack that will give you that soft and glowing skin you always wanted. It is none other than facial shaving. Facial hair shaving is currently gaining quite popular among women. While there is a majority of women that are hesitant of shaving facial hair due to lack of knowledge. Many women are now shaving their facial hair without any hesitation and enjoying its benefits.

It is not only a great option for even and glowing skin but also removes ingrown hairs and effectively exfoliates your skin.

Let us dive deep into the benefits of facial hair shaving and the correct and effective ways to do it.

Benefits Of Shaving Facial Hair

Facial hair shaving has many benefits for women. If you are ready to experience this change, you will be delighted to know that many reputed brands are now selling facial razors online.

Shaving facial hair has the below-mentioned benefits:

1. Economical

It is an economical option of removing hair when compared to other methods like waxing, and hair removal cream. It is also time-saving and easy to do at the ease of your home. The best part is you don’t need anyone for shaving and you are in full control.

2. Healthy skin

With regular removal of facial hair, you get relieved from various skin problems like oily skin, dirt, dryness, etc. Getting rid of these skin conditions eventually results in soft, healthy, and glowing skin. All these benefits can be yours just by buying facial razors for women.

3. Improved effectiveness of skincare products

Like cosmetic products, shaving also increases the effectiveness of skincare products by exfoliating dead skin cells on your face. Skincare products like moisturizers, nourishment serums, toners, etc. soak deep when the skin is hair-free. You can also go with some effective home remedies for skin treatment.

4. Ease the makeup application

You might be wondering what’s the connection between buying facial razors online and makeup. But believe us it is another benefit of shaving facial hair for women. It causes greater absorbance of makeup products which results in longer makeup retention.

5. Removes ingrown hairs

Ingrown hairs can cause serious skin conditions and also look bad on our faces. With regular shaving, you are in a position to avoid ingrown hairs and it also helps in the early detection and cure of ingrown hairs as the ingrown hairs are more visible on shaved skin.

Do’s And Don’ts Of Facial Hair Shaving


Wash your face thoroughly before shaving – Washing your face properly before shaving gives you extra ease and comfort during the shaving. It cleanses the skin and provides a smoother tract for the razor to swipe. If you start shaving without washing your dry skin, it will lead to skin irritation and cuts. You can also use face gel available online for shaving.

Clean your face with a wet cloth – After washing your face, use a wet cloth only to gently clean your face. If your skin dries during shaving then always use a wet cloth swab to clean your face. This will keep your hair hydrated and soft.

Rinse the razor frequently after each stroke – It is a good and hygienic practice to wash your razor under heavy water pressure after every complete stroke you make. Ensure that all the hairs have been shed from the razor before continuing. The small hairs stuck between the razor blades may cause cuts which eventually leads to itching and skin rashes.

Shave in the direction of hair growth – The best practice to enjoy painless and irritation-free shaving is to shave in the same direction of hair growth. If you shave in the opposite direction or zig-zag pattern, there will be irritation.


Never use the same razor for all body parts – Use different razors for your face, underarms, legs, and lower body parts. Using the same razor for all body parts may lead to fungal infections and other skin conditions.

Do not hurry – As we all know that skin is the most sensitive organ of our body and our face is the most important body part that’s why we can’t afford a scar on it just because we shave our face in a hurry. Be relaxed and always shave calmly and slowly. You might end up cutting your face here and there if you are in an unnecessary hurry.

Don’t forget to moisturize – As our facial hair often retains and locks the moisture close to our skin, in the absence of hair our skin might get dry superfast. To avoid dryness, moisturize your face regularly. Always use a good brand of moisturizer for your skin and choose the moisture according to your skin type.

Don’t shave if you have sensitive skin – Shaving is not the last option for glowing skin. Therefore, if you are suffering from any skin disease or have super sensitive skin then do not shave your face, you invite extra problems. First of all, consult a dermatologist.

We hope now you understand the benefits of shaving facial hair for women and have gone through the do’s and don’ts of the shaving process. Having a good facial razor is as important as shaving itself. You can visit our website to have a look at our exclusive range of facial razors for women. Our razors are made of biodegradable substances which are friendly for the environment as well as for your skin as it doesn’t have any chemicals.

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