How to Buy RTA Cabinets on a Budget – Some Quick Tips

How to Buy RTA Cabinets on a Budget – Some Quick Tips

Cabinets are the first thing that people notice as they step into a kitchen. If the unit looks like they went through a war, it won’t do any favor to the kitchen. Also, if it becomes degraded, you may need to replace it. You may consider buying RTA cabinets to make things fast and affordable. 

Things to consider while buying RTA cabinets

RTA cabinets

Here are some important tips that would help you save on buying RTA kitchen cabinets 

  • A place to purchase – If you buy the cabinets and appliances online, you can save a lot. All it needs to do a little research about the company you prefer to purchase the cabinetry from.
  • Ready to assemble – With Ready-to-Assemble or RTA cabinets, you can save much more in comparison to pre-assembled cabinetry. 
  • DIY – Doing the job of assembly on your own is great. You will find many online tutorials that can help you with this. Follow them and assemble the cabinets, paint the walls, install the backsplash. You may need to resurface the new floors. For this, professional assistance is needed. This is to mention that DIY is thrilling. It can save you huge money. But you must be confident enough that you can do it. Otherwise, you may again have to call a professional halfway and that will cost you much more, let alone the hassles and time. 
  • Relocation of appliance – Relocating appliances is not necessary. Avoid this unless it is too essential. If you relocate, you will need to install new electrical and plumbing lines. And that will cost you a lot. 
  • Painting appliances – If the kitchen appliances are in a good condition, don’t go buying e new one. Rather you can try painting them before replacement. If it regains its look, your money will be saved. For providing the appliances with a facelift, you can use a stainless-steel appliance spray. 
  • Items of sales – Look for sales. Cyber Monday and Black Friday sales are great opportunities to find great deals on cabinets and appliances. 
  • Discounted products and services – Many online cabinet vendors offer professional kitchen design services for free. Opt for them. Also, websites like Craiglist displays discounted appliances, flooring, and lighting. Wholesale kitchen cabinets are another feasible option. 
  • Countertops or worktops – You will find many options for worktops or countertops. Before making any buying decision, do a little research. Ensure whether you want wood, stone, or laminate countertops. 
  • Flooring – Replacing the flooring is expensive. If your budget doesn’t permit, go for resurfacing the same.
  • Essential assistance – Be it your friend, relative, or colleague, you can always ask for help. 
  • Cost efficiency–There is a notion that new cabinets are beyond affordability. But this is not true for all kinds of cabinets. RTA cabinets are always affordable. They can save you at least 50% than that of custom-made cabinetry. Also, the unit arrives as unassembled cabinets. You need to complete the assembly. This will save you a lot. 

This is how you can save on your new RTA kitchen cabinets. 

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