How Fuel Dealers are Keeping Employees Safe While Still Serving Customers

How Fuel Dealers are Keeping Employees Safe While Still Serving Customers

We are all aware of the COVID 19 impact on all the business. It has changed the working scenario and also brought a negative result. Among many professionals, the fuels dealers are also not untouched by this situation. There is a significant negative impact on the overall operation. This fuel delivery app solution is playing a significant role.

The COVID 19 has brought many challenges and changes too. Most of the professionals are following it so that the epidemic could be controlled. There are many safety measures that every professional has to follow while continuously giving service.

This is also applying to the fuel dealers. So if your professional is about fuel then this article will be helpful for you. Here we will cover everything about the factors which are important to consider for the uninterrupted service scenario. 

Measures which are important for fuel dealers to keep the employees safe: 

Following on-demand fuel supply:

This is an advanced system that can reduce the rush at the fuel station. Here the consumer can order the fuel with the help of on-demand apps. The fuel van will come to the destination to fill the fuel. 

This will decrease the rush at the fuel station. Thus a social distance will be maintained.

The on-demand delivery solution is really helpful in serving the fuel. This maintains the social distance. Ask the driver to follow all the safety measures while serving the customer.

Check the employee’s health on daily basis:

Keep tracking of the health condition of each employee on a daily basis. Check the body temperature reading and oxygen level. If the reading is not up to the mark then don’t allow them to enter into the office and the premises.

This will keep other employees safe too. It is the most important step which every professional is following in today’s time.

Enabling of digital payment:

The contactless payment is playing a vital role in terminating the covid 19 viruses. Most of the fuel dealers are now integrating touchless payment. This could be easily integrated into the on-demand fuel delivery solution.

Compel your customers to make the payment over the digital transaction. This will keep your employees safe from the opposite situation. If they are paying through cash then ask them for the change. In today’s time, the digital concept is an important factor for all professionals.

Provide all service within your app:

If you have your app for your profession then try to give every service within it. Your on-demand fuel delivery app development should cover all things which are important.

Make it user friendly and useful for the workers too. This is most important so that everything is automated. Thus avoiding physical contact and ensuring safety.

Limit the office for employees:

Allow the office visit only for the employees. Some of the fuel dealers can prevent the customers from entering the office for invoice and payment. The great solution to this could be setting up a notice board at the door and a dropbox to collect things

Ask your customers to use the customer portal and autoplay to get their e-invoice. Provide all the features which are important for the customer’s convenience. So that his or her visit to the office could be prevented.

Communicating with the customers:

Fuel dealers have another way to deal with the situation. It is the responsibility of the dealer to tell about the changes in the operation. If there is any change in the mode of payment method then the dealer must inform the customer. Integrate all the facilities within the on-demand fuel delivery service.

This will also impact the overall scenario. Your customer will be safe and the service will also not get the effect.

Planning of the downtime:

Limit the service so that your team can enjoy some relaxation time. Allow them to have some free time with their friends and family. In that time they are line-using some other works. This will encourage your team to work efficiently without pressure.

Equip with the team:

Fuel dealers can limit contact between customers and service technicians. The customer service team can communicate with the customers in case of in-home services.

Guide your technician team to follow all safety measures while serving the customer. If they feel unsafe while entering the home then you can even skip the service.

If the customer is unable to make the payment over digital mode then allow them to leave the payment outside. Later on, the driver could collect it.

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Choose the best solution:

Most of the fuel dealers are providing the service remotely. In such a situation it is important to choose a great solution. Before purchasing your software look for all features in it. Make sure that it meets out all your requirements and suits the best one.

For the fuel delivery app development, you must hire an experienced development team. Check out the portfolio of the company as well.


Fuel dealers are making more and more improvements in their operation. For now, we have to follow safety measures to deal with the situation. The on-demand solution is like a boon for this opposite condition. But still, dealers have to do some manual efforts to keep the staff under safety.

So this is all about the solutions to keep the employees safe. Serve your customers with safety. It is because a single mistake can bring a big loss. Stay safe and have happy business hours.

Author Bio: 

Kunal Gohil, Product Manager of Gasswift, one of the leading on-demand fuel delivery solutions. He is a highly motivated entrepreneur who drives his organization with his exemplary leadership skills. His aim is always to strive for perfection and to come up with innovative gas and fuel delivery solutions.


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