Monthly Car Maintenance Checklist Everyone Should Know

car maintenance

Car maintenance on a weekly or monthly basis is very important if you do not want to waste money on costly repairs. Our cars go through a lot each day and even the high-end vehicles need care. Wear and tear are inevitable and for the car to remain in the top-level state, the following areas should be checked for proper monthly maintenance of the car.

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1. Motor Oil

motor oil

After you have driven 3,000 to 5,000 miles, the vehicle oil should be changed. If your car is old, you should give special attention to the car. Clean the dipstick before checking the oil. If you want a precise reading, you should take the dipstick off again. A regular check-up of the oil is crucial otherwise your engine will be failed. 

The bottom level of the dipstick is the best indicator of what your car requires. 

2. Air Filters

Air Filters

Air filters are an important component of the car which are situated at the lower side of the hood and the surface of the engine. Take out the air filters once a month and see them in the direction of sunlight. If the filters are clean, you will be able to see the light being passed through them. And if they are dirty, they will obstruct the light. 

Dirty air filters need to be cleaned or replaced depending on their condition. They are cheap and if you replace them regularly, the lifetime of the car will increase. The cars for sale in Dubai come with the best air filters in the market.

3. Batteries


Checking the battery takes a little time and it can save you from expensive repairs. Always check to see if the battery is faulty and if it has any broken cables. The nut which joins the battery to the car should be tightened at every inspection. 

You can also clean the dirt and debris which is accumulated in it. Corrosion is another factor that should be checked on both positive and negative terminals. The corrosion can destroy your car and its electric power can slow down. 

4. Brake fluid

Brake fluid

The amount of brake fluid can be checked by seeing the reservoir. The reservoir is situated beside the master cylinder and brake booster. It can also be seen at the top of the engine. 

Open the cap of the reservoir and check the level of the brake fluid. It should be one inch below the top. There should not be any corrosion in the reservoir so check to see if there is any discoloration. The reservoir should be regularly cleaned to remove dirt. 

5. Tires


Tires get affected a lot even if you drive very carefully. Even something as simple as weather change can change the pressure of the tires. If there is less pressure in the tires or if they are old, it can cause problems and accidents. 

Tires should be in perfect shape always. When checking tires, you should calculate the pounds per square inch (PSI) of each tire. This can be measured from the tire gauge. The tread of tires should be checked to see if their depth is intact. Another practice is to rotate the tires after every 7,500 to 10,000 miles. This will minimize the number of times they will need to be replaced. 

6. Coolant


The coolant level should be filled for optimum performance. It can be seen from the outer part of the coolant reservoir. It should be above the full line. If the coolant level is below the “full” line, pour a 50/50 mix of water and coolant. This will bring the level to the full. 

A few coolants from the market are pre-mixed which means you won’t have to add water to it. Also do not add coolant to a hot engine. Only add it when the engine has been shut down for a few hours. This will not let the engine get burned. 

Monthly maintenance check-ups of cars turn out to be very useful for the long run. If you buy used cars in UAE, these timely checklists will support the performance of the vehicle and inform you beforehand of any potential issues. 

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