How to Grow Instagram Followers Through Reels With Proof

How to Grow Instagram Followers Through Reels With Proof

Instagram is the most dominant social media platform nowadays. This is the young generation’s favorite platform to share their ideas, views, and make their appearance in front of the world.

As of now, there are more than 500+ million active users per day on Instagram. This indicates that there are so many pages that are making the content like yours.

That’s why many of the Instagram page owners can’t see any growth even after putting so much effort into it.

So, today in this article I will tell you about how to grow Instagram followers and build a large audience like this.

I will tell you about the Instagram hacks that can help you clear all these hurdles and gain a massive reach in less than 1 day.

As you all know Instagram has launched its new feature called “REELS” and as it is new, Instagram has put all of the efforts to promote it. 

See the results I am getting by posting only reels 4-5 times a day. For more results

This is because Instagram is promoting the content of creators like you and me more than ever because of reels. It is a win-win situation for both creators as well as for Instagram.

With this new feature of reels, you can make a short 15 or 30-sec video and upload it.

The main benefit of reels is that your video post can be seen by your non-followers easily and can increase your reach. In this way, you can reach more people than your followers.

It’s not over yet; you can get a minimum 1k reach with reels by following these simple tricks

1.) Post on feed: 

When you are ready with your video to post on reels there is an option saying ‘Also post on feed’. 

Always tick it before posting the reels. In this way, your reels can now be seen on the home page of other people also and increase your reach.

2.) Captions: 

Use engaging captions to which people will answer you in the comment box. For example- Have you ever experienced the same?

Your audience will reply to you through the comments. So be sure to use that and increase your comments.

3.) Hashtags (#hashtag): 

Hashtags play a vital role in Instagram algorithms so you have to use the correct ones. Don’t go for trending hashtags as they are already saturated.

Use the 10-10-10 rule. 10 hashtags with 1k to 10k posts, 10 hashtags with 10k to 100k posts, 10 hashtags with up to 250k posts 

In this way, you will target a specific audience via hashtags, and your chances to rank on them will rise.

4.) Tagging people: 

This is the method that helped my students who were getting only 100-300 reel views to 10x their reach.

While writing the caption make sure to tag other people in your niche who have low or equal followers like yours.

Tag around 5-6 people at a time. Try to tag different people with every new post.

5.) Dm (direct message): 

After posting a reel on your feed send it to your followers through Instagram dm.

This will help you to reach people to whom it will not show on the home page.

Also, every person checks out their DM’s and if they might ignore your post on the home page it can be seen again by them in the DM’s.

Alright friends that’s it for today. I hope you have got it now how to grow Instagram followers. 

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