How Long Can Instagram Videos Be? Everything You Need To Know About Instagram Videos

How Long Can Instagram Videos Be? Everything You Need To Know About Instagram Videos

How Long Can Instagram Videos Be? Everything You Need To Know About Instagram Videos

While Instagram was initially a platform primarily focused on images, today’s videos are equally important to the communities that flourish there. Be it for educational or other purposes or live interactions and marketing purposes, Instagram (buy instagram followers) videos are a significant draw for the platform. It’s therefore not unexpected to see complete video marketing strategies or even content release schedules centered around the type of content.


However, that’s not the case. Not all videos are created all the same!


To get the most value out of Instagram’s video streaming channels, it is essential to ensure that your content is in line with the expectations and needs set by both Instagram and your target audience. And nowhere is this more apparent than when it is about your videos’ length.


Instagram offers a variety of options to upload and distribute your videos–Feed videos, Stories, live broadcasts, and more.


To help you simplify the process, We’ve put together this guide to inform you of everything you need to know about the length of Instagram videos. In addition, we’ll offer some tips on how you can get the most out of your videos’ runtime.

Instagram Feed Videos

What length can Instagram videos posted on the Feed last? The range is from three seconds to one minute.


The pace of life is fast when you’re browsing the Instagram Feed. Users scroll down, stopping for a second to look at content that catches their attention before continuing exploring. The videos allowed in the Feed’s regular Feed are brief and informative, not longer than 60 seconds.


Feed videos can be uploaded as regular Instagram posts. Instagram allows users to include valuable features like tags, location, and various styles of formatting: landscape, portrait, and even square videos.


Do not fret if you’ve got an extended video you have already created: Instagram lets you trim one minute of the video and upload it.



Instagram feed videos pro tip

Pro Tip: If you decide to upload Instagram videos, be aware that they’ll be displayed on the profile of your page. Therefore, make sure you create appealing thumbnails that are visually appealing and match the style of the Feed.


Additionally, if you plan to include text within your thumbnails, be sure that it’s not more than 25% of the size of the photo. Instagram is a platform that uses photos, which is why its algorithms prefer content compatible with this feature’s parameters.


Instagram Story Videos

How long will Instagram Stories be? It’s 15 seconds for each Story card.


Instagram Stories have proved to be an intelligent choice by the company. This feature is great for sharing fun and fresh content that keeps your followers entertained and interacts with them regularly.


Instagram allows users to post stories between 15 and 15 seconds. If you’d like to upload longer videos, you’ll need to divide them into several segments.


The most crucial benefit of Stories is that they come with numerous tools for customizing their look. You can apply special filters, utilize GIPHY gallery, GIPHY Gallery, or even the “Swipe Up feature; you’ll find ways to enhance Stories cards.


Instagram GIFs pro tip

Pro Tips: Instagram GIFs are particularly beneficial for adding color to your Stories and guiding your followers. Are you looking to get your followers to sign up for something? Would you like them to check out your latest posts? Do you wish for them to continue checking out what you say in your other Stories? There’s a GIF for this and more!


Instagram Livestream Videos

What length of time can Instagram Livestream videos last? Up to one hour.


Big announcements deserve significant events. There’s no better way to build excitement around your product than with live broadcasts.


The maximum length of Instagram Live videos can be one hour. This means that you cannot only present to your followers who you are life, but be able to interact with them directly via chat and address their questions.


However, what is the best time for live broadcasts will take? It is dependent on how you interact with your viewers.


It doesn’t matter if you only have 10 minutes or an entire hour. If you can provide the value of your followers and invite them to join in and inquire, you can spend as long as you need to.


Instagram Livestream video pro tip

Pro Tip: Make announcements about your live events before the event to create awareness. It is crucial to try to boost your audience’s expectations. Don’t simply announce that you’ll be live within an hour. Instead, it would help if you asked them an interesting question or announced the exciting news that would make them want to miss out on the show. For more:


IGTV Videos

What length can IGTV videos last? From 15 seconds to an hour.


What options do you have to get the content you post you want to be able to share with your Instagram followers?


You might have made videos that tell the Story of your own story about your journey through the field. A video that explains the process in which the 60-second time limit of a standard post does not provide the best quality. What can you do?


The good news is that Instagram lets you upload more videos via IGTV.


The length limit for the videos is determined by the location you upload them. If you upload them using the IGTV application using a mobile device, you can upload 15-minute videos. However, if you upload content from the internet on a computer and are allowed to post MP4 files, that could take up to one hour.

Pro Tip: You may use your Stories to advertise the popularity of your IGTV videos. To do this, click on the ‘Link’ icon, which appears on the upper right-hand side of your Stories settings. Select the post you want to share that you want to share from the IGTV channel and press ‘Done.’



Instagram Reels

How long will Instagram Reels be? The maximum is 15 seconds.


In the last few days, Instagram launched a new feature to let you showcase your side on video. Reels are featured on the Explore page and, similar to IGTV videos, have their page on your profile. But, you can share the videos in Your Stories and Feed.


Reels are ideal for pouring out your imagination. They offer a variety of editing tools to make your videos in under 15 minutes. They also have options for creating smooth transitions, audio and text effects, and vibrant backgrounds and stickers.

Pro Tips: Reels aren’t exclusively designed for influencers on social media. Even in their earliest stages, Reels have shown to be an excellent partner to Instagram marketing. Brands such as Walmart and Louis Vuitton use Reels to build their following and advertise their products by making videos that become viral.


Instagram Video Ads

How long will Instagram Feed Ads last? It can be up at 120 seconds.


How long will Instagram Story ads be? : 15-seconds per Story.


Also, on Instagram, you can promote your ads in both Feed videos and Stories. However, the requirements for time are different from for regular posts.


With ads sponsored by Feed, You have the option to upload two-minute videos. As with every other advertisement channel, the rate of completion decreases as videos get longer. Therefore it’s often a good idea to keep the videos shorter to ensure that the viewers get the message.


When it is about Stories advertisements, things become more complex. The platform lets you show a maximum of 3 sponsored Story cards simultaneously. Then, users will need to tap to access additional content.

Pro Advice: If there’s a single thing to remember when you’re making Instagram videos, you must have a strong hook. Most users will view suspicious ads, So you must quickly catch their attention within the initial few seconds that you’re given.


Make sure you save the dramatic builds for later. If you’ve got surprising facts or queries or a great idea to share, make sure to use it as a source of information.

Creating Instagram Videos

Are you thinking of advertising your brand’s content on Instagram? Announcement of new product launches? Perhaps you want to engage more with your followers? There are many options for you on Instagram videos.


Utilizing Feed, IGTV, and advertisements for promotion, Instagram is a fantastic platform to showcase professional work and showcase it to larger audiences. But if you’re hoping to create an emotional reaction and increase engagement with your followers, stories, and live broadcasts, Reels can help you make quick and simple content to consume and customize it to your preferences.


Are you looking to make bets on Instagram videos? Make sure you share your impressions!


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