Burj Khalifa Now has a Kosher Sukkah

Burj Khalifa Now has a Kosher Sukkah

This is an achievement in itself when the world’s tallest building has a kosher sukkah since it will boost the number of visitors. This will be a surprise encounter for them since this will be a change that can bring more visitors to the tapering cylinder of aluminum glass which is emblematic of new Dubai. Visitors will now see a small tent-like structure formed of sticks, leaves, and twine.

This new change was witnessed during the Jewish holiday of sukkot as a most vital sign of Israel’s peace agreement with the UAE. This is followed by the formation of a sukkah open for the public right in front of the world’s tallest building, Burj Khalifa which needs no introduction. This move or gesture was welcomed with warm hands and is been appreciated throughout. 

This has been made possible by the joined efforts of Dubai’s local authorities, security forces, and a widespread Jewish community in bringing out a traditional form of the tent which will largely represent the feast of tabernacles holiday. The head rabbi who provides the certification of butcher for the kosher food unveiled the sukkah before the big holiday season gets started.


A statement came out saying that a large part of the Jewish community stays here with the safety and peace of mind one needs and a large part of is due to the efforts given by the local authorities. The community is happy with the  kosher in Dubai and pledged to remember the local authorities in the prayers during the sukkah as well as in the synagogue for their well-being, health, and success which includes the crown prince of Abu Dhabi, Mohammed bin Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan.


This great gesture counted as a historic event when the signing of the normalization deal was done between the UAE and Israel during September in Washington assisted by the Trump Administration. This is followed by the same normalization agreement signed with Bahrain as well on that very same day.


Along with the sukkah, many UAE ministers and various other Emirati influencing personalities told everyone about the holiday greeting to Israelis before the beginning of the High Holy Days which begins with Rosh Hashanah known as the new year of the Jewish. A UAE based English daily, Khaleej times states that a huge part of Rosh Hashanah will be consisting various kosher recipes with an explanation of the Jewish calendar, a tolerance article, and a Jewish holiday’s based calendar with the dates mentioned for both the Gregorian and Hebrew calendars. 

This will be coming within thirty days or less once the hotels in Abu Dhabi which is one of seven emirates that constitute the United Arab Emirates will be provided with the instructions on the followed kosher food to their visitors, guests, or tourists which is highly anticipated of consisting more number of Israeli and Jewish people since the normalization of Israel is completed which will promote more of Dubai kosher travel.

The department of culture and tourism in Abu Dhabi made it clear in the following days that all the hotels and restaurants should make it permanent inclusion of kosher food cuisine with their dining or room services menus throughout the food and beverage outlets available at their establishments.


This holds quite a large significance for the Jewish community ever since the sukkah was spotted last week outside the very first kosher restaurant in the United Arab Emirates which was followed by a deal done in Washington to normalize all the current relations between Israel and the UAE. The acceptance shown by Dubai signifies that they are open to bringing new changes for the larger part of the happiness for other communities as well and respects their tradition with them.

The country is seeing changes throughout since a big number of hotels and restaurant serving kosher food is spotted but the biggest promotion came through in the form of a grand opening seen at Burj Khalifa for the kosher restaurant. This shows us that they are not shying away from accepting the tradition of the community and welcoming more tourists with warm hands. 

With the Armani/kaf hotels which feature Mediterranean fare, sleek Asian based theme, and interior décor, a huge list of delicate wines can be enjoyed over a beautiful and exotic view of Dubai’s proud dancing fountains. That may look like things that might not just attract the Jewish community but after the introduction of kosher in Dubaiit is made sure that all the traditions related to the dietary beliefs are kept in mind while preparing the kosher food. The butcher is certified by the Rabbi and the slaughtering is done least painfully followed by thorough washing to get rid of all the excess blood.

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