Be What You Want to Be: Business School Admission Essay Writing Tricks

Be What You Want to Be: Business School Admission Essay Writing Tricks

The first half of the year 2020 has been such a dampener, courtesy; the lockdown in prevention for the pandemic, COVID-19 that students seeking international academic frontiers are in a dilemma of sorts.

Wait, set your soul at rest while there are suggested guidelines that can still take you through despite your scores being disappointingly lower than average.  

Surprised, as some scholars maybe, Business school admission committees are way beyond your care for the GMAT score of 556 or for that matter a 3.33 GPA score. 

The committee thinks beyond your scores, which are likely to be hampered in all probability this year—they want to know who you are and why you belong in their program.

Take an essay writing helpyour best chance to speak about, ‘who you are’ as they are the best way to speak and sell yourself beyond your grades and get their eyeballs on to you, their product, for service. 

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To create who you are actually? Create a comprehensive picture of yourself as who you are, what you’ve done, and what you bring to the table. 

Here’s a reference to some best essay tips to guide you through, while you begin writing your business essay for college admission without any assignment help from anyone.

However, there are specialized essay writing help assignments available conveniently that provide you full scope to showcase your talented self in a gist of not more than 600-700words in the essays, the first requirement while writing your essays for international college admissions either in professional or non-professional colleges. 

As you begin, keep in mind these points to make an acceptable candidature:

How to Write a Good Self-written Business Admission Essay:

  1. To scholars seeking their destination yonder for their academic pursuits, are having second thoughts. 

What has been weighing on their minds? Their IELTS, GRE, and GMAT scores! They are likely to be commensurate to international university requirements in seeking admissions internationally.

You are a proactive person who aims to be an achiever is important. As business schools look for leaders, not the ones who have heard the mentality of following others.

Therefore adhering to these lines in your essays is imperative: 

  • Tell them through the essay the specific reasons why you feel you are a good ‘fit’ for the school, rather than simply saying; you feel you could be an ideal candidate for such a situation. 
  • While penning your fitness for the curriculum, substantiate with relevant examples. It will bring meaning and relevance to your story of life before applying. 
  • Commit your fears, of being in a new country, new ambiance; don’t shy from putting forth your fears. Business schools know about it and appreciate such concerns. So, lesser chances of rejection! They do know that you have taken an orthodox path to reach the school. 
  • Leave no stone unturned in finding out which Business school are you best suited to. A thoroughly researched college reflects in your write-up as you talk about their geo, social and economic milieu, and how they resonate with your preference. Biz Schools look for seeking different scholars from different places.
  • While connecting with them, avoid any kind of flattery. These well-reputed business schools know about their upper selling points, you writing them are simply filling your essay space. Instead, use it to explain yourself but with an ego-alert, as what are your ace points. 

2. Self-communication in a perfect format is the best way to let your substance of purpose reach the right place instead of the rejection pile that makes you lose a year. 

3. Passion is the keyword for such essays. What excites you to be on the campus to be interactive and gain from their international standard of studies

4. Bring change to the regular format. By accepting the challenges that the university offers in its academics, you break from the regular mold to introduce something new. 

Accepting challenging lines on self like “I am more to be seen and observed, rather than what you think from the essay,” could happily see you through despite a low score in GMAT. 

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5. An unorthodox path is taken in your school days, managing several goals together with academics often sees you through a business school.  

The admission committee managers like a little fore-play in managing life before making it to business schools. So play up the deviated part, if taken in life, the committee has a soft heart for risk-takers.

6. Get your story filled with color in precise words by focusing on topics like your gender, ethnicity, minority status, your lure for a foreign land, your foreign background. How all of it together has affected your outlook or experiences.

7. Your essays at the end should reflect the following traits, your acceptance of good humor, your emotional vulnerability, little anecdotes that made you what you are. You are a real person, and the world wants to know it, and it is okay to show it!

What Not To Admit In These Business Essays:

If there’s a listing of dos then there are don’ts also. And these points have to be avoided at the slightest degree

1. Avoid highlighting your past glory. Nobody is curious about what you’re unless it makes an enormous difference to your overall being. They expect their candidates to now move on to more current, professional achievements. 

2. It would be best if you could refrain from making use of anything that adds high sounding adjectives or industry jargon. 

3. Avoid half-baked reasons for wanting the MBA admissions. The officers favor applicants who have well-defined goals.

4. At all costs; avoid exceeding word limits beyond what’s recommended. It simply conveys you have not understood their directions. 

5. Avoid grammatical errors and typos at all costs. 


Remember, an honest essay is bound to take you through. So, ensure that each part of your essay reinforces and hinges on the opposite to present an identical and compelling representation of who you’re, what you’ve done, and what you would like to be.

With even this done, despite an occasional low GMAT score, there’s an altogether probability you’re through for the tutorial session 2021. 

Wishing you the best! 

Author Bio: Koby Mahon has been an avid blogger and journalist before being attached here at the Online Assignment Expert, an ace assignment service provider, Koby currently, provides assignment help to all non-technical scholars attached here. 

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