A Look at The Best Triple Play Bundles in the USA

A Look at The Best Triple Play Bundles in the USA

Bundling is the way to go. If you’re big on saving but at the same time you don’t want to compromise on the services that keep you entertained, then consider getting a Triple Play bundle for your household. For an affordable monthly fee, you can enjoy TV, Internet, and Phone, along with additional perks if your provider plans to make you feel lucky. 

Bundles take away many hassles. If you’re someone who has been looking to switch your existing services to the ones that make your life easy, then allow us to take you through the USA’s top-picked Triple Play bundles. Opt for the one that fits your needs and your budget and have the time of your life. 

USA’s Top Triple Play Bundles 

Mediacom Xtream Triple Play

Mediacom Xtream is all about fiber. For an affordable monthly price tag, you can enjoy fiber-rich internet, combined with Mediacom’s top-of-the-line channel lineup with more than 170+ TV channels. Plus there’s a phone that keeps you connected with affordable nationwide calling with an additional 17+ other calling features. Moreover, whenever you experience a dip in performance, then Mediacom customer service is always a call away to assist you. All of this makes Mediacom a service like no other. 

Spectrum Triple Play Silver

Without shackling you in contracts, Spectrum wins at the flexibility it offers. Cancel it for whatever reason and there are absolutely NO hidden charges waiting to haunt you. The ‘Silver’ Triple Play deal from Spectrum combines the cutting-edge Spectrum Internet with the one-of-a-kind Spectrum TV Silver. All of this comes with Spectrum Home Phone that offers unlimited local and long-distance calling, along with an abundance of other features. 

Optimum Triple Play

Optimum is relatively new in the market. However, with their easy-on-the-pockets Triple Play deals, we’ve been sold. Optimum Triple Play deal comes with Internet 1 GIG that speeds up to 940 Mbps and makes your life remarkably easy. Moreover, there’s Optimum Core TV and a Digital Phone in the mix as well. Enjoy more than 220 TV channels from various genres and connect with your loved ones via unlimited, low-cost calling. With Optimum, your experience is bound to be just like its name. 

AT&T Triple Play Bundle

How could’ve we possibly forgotten about AT&T for its spectacular coverage and nationwide availability? The Triple Play experience from AT&T includes a 100 Mbps AT&T Internet, DIRECTV ENTERTAINMENT that breathes life into your TV sets with more than 160 channels from multiple genres— all in HD. Plus, you even get a Home Phone that offers unlimited local and long-distance calling, along with more than 25 additional features. 

Xfinity X1 Preferred Pro Triple Play

And finally, the last Triple Play deal on our list is from Xfinity. Xfinity X1 Preferred Pro Triple Play deal comes with Xfinity internet that offers speeds up to 500 Mbps. There’s Digital Preferred TV with more than 220+ TV channels, including SHOWTIME. You can catch up on televisual content with Xfinity Stream App. Moreover, you even get a phone that makes unlimited nationwide and worldwide calling a piece of cake. 

Why Triple Play Bundles?

  • Clutter-free billing. All of your bills, i.e. TV, Internet, and Phone, come in one place
  • Discounts guaranteed! Most providers offer discounts to customers who prefer to bundle rather than going for standalone options
  • Improved customer experience 

All Things Concluded

Triple Play bundles allow you a chance to enjoy TV, Internet, and Phone at an affordable monthly price. Of course, you may also opt for a standalone option if your needs are limited. However, for a family with multiple needs, you’ve got to go with Triple Play deals! 

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