8 Unnecessary Add-ons to Avoid at a Car Dealership

8 Unnecessary Add-ons to Avoid at a Car Dealership

Add-ons on the purchase of a new car are confusing for the new buyers with little knowledge about their use. The representative at the dealership will make them look extremely useful because of their incentive on every sale. Thus, many buyers fall for their sales technique to create unnecessary stress of the increased loan and installments. 

Some add-ons increase the value of cars because of their application. Some provide a better experience for the passengers or protect the car from abuse on roads. However, even with a purpose, they may not worth the same money asked by the dealership.

To help those buyers, we have created a list of add-ons to avoid while buying a new car at a dealership.

Extended Warranties

Extended warranties are a topic of debate among the buyers as they promise to cover the component damage for an extended duration. It is indeed useful as the repair can cost a fortune if the warranty is expired. However, the dealership may not be the ideal place to buy the service. 

You can buy the extended warranty from some third-party service provider at a better price. Many times, the price difference between a dealership and third-party extended warranties can read thousands of Euros. Read the contract carefully with the extended third-party parties.

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1. Windshield Protection

Windshield often gets damaged after years of use on the road. A simple accident can leave cracks on the glass to hinder visibility and make driving unsafe. However, you can repair the small cracks with the help of modern resins.

Replacing a windshield is expensive, but they are rare. Also, they are covered under the accidental damage by the insurance provider. You don’t have to pay the dealership for something that is already covered.

2. Tire Protection

Similar to the windshield, tire protection is a waste of money because they are already covered. The tire manufacturer provides a warranty on their product for a decent time of up to 5 years. It will cover the defect from the craftsmanship as an assurance to the buyer.

Moreover, there is a little risk of tires coming with a subpar quality from the top manufacturers. Even if they do, the difference between the insurance of all four tires and the replacement of one is not much. It is unnecessary protection that will only add to the cost of the car.

3. Dent Protection

Dents from accidents are covered in your insurance policy for the car. Still, many dealerships push dent protections from third-party service providers to the customers. They don’t have anything to lose as the customers will deal with the service provider.

These service providers often provide little to no protection with some shady contracts. They may not even pick the phone calls of the customers to book a repair. You cannot reach the dealers as they will not provide any assistance with the claim.

4. Rear Seat Entertainment Systems

Families with kids opt for a rear seat infotainment system to keep the young passengers engaged. These systems are integrated with the car’s built-in features to offer more control to the rear seat passengers. However, there is a cheaper alternative that will not increase the overall cost by thousands of euros. 

You can place a tablet or iPad in the rear seat for the entertainment of the kids. These devices are portable that increases their application tenfold. You can have them regardless of the size and model of the car.

However, there are some points in favor of infotainment systems, such as the risk of theft. You can apply for car finance in Ireland online to increase the overall budget and buy a model with a built-in, rear-seat infotainment system. 

5. Paint Protection

Manufacturers provide premium quality paint to their cars that can take years of abuse on the road. They don’t require some insurance from third-party providers for the next few years. Moreover, the small scratches and dents are a manageable expense compared to the risk of investing money in this protection plan.

For interior fabric, many companies are providing interior fabric protection. Products like Scotch guard are enough to provide the required protection to your interior fabric.

6. Key Protection

The modern keys with remote entry, high-end fobs, and even remote start are expensive to replace. The dealer may offer key protection to provide a new key if the original is lost. Another unnecessary expense considering only a few people lose their car keys. 

7. Nitrogen Filling in Tires

Filling your tires with nitrogen may help increase their life because of the increased stability with the temperature. It will last longer in your tires than regular air. However, the regular air is free at a gas station, and the price to fill nitrogen may then seem unreasonable.


To sum up, the addons from the dealership seem useful while listening to its application from the representative. However, they are not as useful as they project because of the small chances of mishaps. You can avoid these addons to reduce the overall cost and save some money every month on the installments of the loan. 




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