Here is Everything You Need to Know About the Restumping Process

Here is Everything You Need to Know About the Restumping Process

There are several aspects of house maintenance, and one of these is restumping. It is also known as reblocking, in which the stumps or blocks of the house are replaced.

It is an essential service that every house owner must maintain the house’s integrity and prevent accidents that may occur because of deteriorated foundations. After re-blocking, the structure becomes very strong, and there are no remaining cracks and holes.

Warning signs that indicate you need to change the stumps:

Many homeowners don’t know when is the right time to go for a change of stumps. To help you with this, you must read through the following points :

  • You are seeing cracks forming in the interior walls of the house.
  • The floors are somewhat soft or uneven.
  • Doors and windows are not leveled properly, making them difficult to open and close.
  • Cracks appearing on the exterior brickwork

The above situation is some serious signs of the house demanding the process of restumping. So when you see it, make sure to call professionals immediately. There are many more important reasons for which you need to go for a change of stumps. 

Why do you need to go through the restumping process?

The following points will show you the importance of replacing the stumps in your house, so make sure to read them carefully:

  • Avoid any kind of accident: When you have successfully replaced the old stumps with the new ones, it helps you to avoid accidents and damage to the house. The main purpose of stumps is to hold the house in place, and when these grow old, they fail to deliver their job. As a result of a decrease in their stamina, they become life-threatening, making us prone to accidents and damages. Thus, it is better to exchange them in time. 
  • Leveling doors and windows: Due to damaged stumps, the doors and windows become misaligned, making it very difficult to operate them. We need to fix the doors and windows in such a situation, but we have to understand this will not fix the problem. To prevent the situation from happening again and again, we have to carry out restumping. 

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  • Safeguard yourself from damage: It improves the longevity of the house. Since the foundation forms the core of the house, replacing the old and worn-out stumps will enhance the house’s strength, thereby making it a safe living place. When the stumps become old, they are at a high risk of collapsing without giving a warning, due to which many can lose their life. If not life many will surely get hurt badly. So, it is always suggested to take the help of professionals to make the house safe again.
  • Prevents rotting: When the stumps upon which the house is built is not well-ventilated, it starts to grow dry rot. These are fungus that eats away the stumps’ wooden surface, making it weak and dull. Therefore, in such a condition, it becomes necessary to carry out the process of replacing the stumps. In the process, the professional removes the dry rot and replaces it with new stronger stumps. This ensures that you don’t have to fear your property getting damaged in the next couple of years. 

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Restumping is an important process that you must carry out every couple of years when the condition gets worse. However, you must make sure that you should take the restumping service from the trustable company. This is because many companies may build your stumps on weaker material prone to accidents. It is about the foundation of your house, so you must decide on doing the right research. 


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