8 Top Reasons Why Embedded System Course is the Way to Go

8 Top Reasons Why Embedded System Course is the Way to Go

Why is the Embedded Systems Course program offered by Cranes Varsity Institute so popular? Well, there are many reasons, but these eight stand out as the most important. Read on to learn why embedded systems training can be a great way to further your education, no matter your level of expertise or previous experience.

Reason To Go For Embedded System Course

Competitive Salary

There is fierce competition among qualified engineers and computer professionals in today’s global economy. According to a survey conducted by Microtraining Associates in conjunction with Computerworld and Network World magazines, salaries of embedded systems training specialists range from $60K-$75K annually in the USA. In addition, embedded systems training specialists often have opportunities for bonuses and stock options based on performance. Those skills are in demand now! Finding employment or advancing your career should not be a challenge when training at Cranes Varsity Institute!

Great Career Prospects

The embedded systems job market is growing, not shrinking. Data shows that demand for engineers with an embedded systems focus will rise by 27% by 2022. Such a significant increase means there are plenty of opportunities for interested students. After completing Crane’s Varsity Institute’s program, students often choose to work at companies like Apple, Google and Microsoft or start their businesses selling embedded systems training programs similar to what they learned at Crane’s Varsity Institute. Some graduates from previous courses have even opened their universities, teaching other students how to use embedded systems technology in their projects!

Practical Experience

One of our top reasons why Embedded Systems Training is worthwhile is that students will learn how an embedded system works in real life. While the theory is excellent, we think it’s best if students see how a computer chip functions from its beginning stages (design) through its creation (development). Cranes Varsity Institute has courses that give students exposure to practical experience in designing and building embedded systems. There’s nothing like learning hands-on in real-world situations, especially when you want to pursue a career where your skills are not just theoretical but realistic too. Cranes Varsity Institute provides the software and hardware necessary for each project so students can concentrate on learning instead of buying expensive equipment or hunting down hard-to-find materials. This also means less money spent on books and other study materials, since everything is available at school. Students don’t have to worry about setting up their own labs or finding materials that aren’t included in their coursework; everything they need comes with enrollment. Another benefit of having such readily available resources is more time spent studying rather than looking for items needed for projects or doing additional research online. Most questions can be answered with resources already found at the institute.

Enriched Learning Environment

The Cranes Varsity Institute provides an enriched learning environment where each student is guaranteed maximum learning opportunity through strong faculty guidance. Some of its features include personalized mentoring and coaching by our industry-ready professionals, regular workshops and guest lectures, unique collaboration opportunities with leading technology organizations and a wide range of options for campus recruitment drives. These features make Cranes Varsity Institute a perfect destination for those looking for an enriching knowledge base and a high-profile professional network. # Course Duration: This 2-year diploma program in embedded systems is structured in such a way that students get hands-on experience in software development and design at par with any international standards. A unique feature of the course is that it starts from basics and moves up to advanced levels at a steady pace allowing students to gain a deep understanding of concepts instead of just getting acquainted with them. The course also includes specialized training modules on product development lifecycle so that students can acquire practical knowledge about different aspects of embedded systems development, including product architecture, design specification, implementation and testing, and team-building skills, making them employable anywhere across the globe.

Hands-on Project Exposure

While many classes and courses cover general concepts, hands-on project exposure teaches you how to put those ideas into practice. For example, it’s one thing to learn how a wireless sensor node or microcontroller works, but it’s quite another thing actually to build a system that incorporates these components. Good embedded systems training can expose you to general concepts and abstract theory and give you practical experience in building actual projects from start to finish. And often, these projects involve working with real hardware—not just simulations!

Experienced Faculty

A significant difference between a lot of other programming courses is that we feature experienced instructors who are actually embedded systems experts. They will walk you through real-world applications of all concepts you learn in class. Not only that, but they’ll help guide you in building your own professional-level projects from scratch as well! This will not only prepare you for your first job after graduation but also make you more proficient when it comes time to hit refresh your resume and apply for those big jobs. Some of our faculty have even been invited to teach at various top-tier universities across the country! These are some serious guys, don’t take it lightly.

Internship Opportunities

Employers are always looking for talented individuals, and more and more students are looking for jobs that help them get their foot in the door and allow them to develop skills that will make them valuable employees. It makes sense for companies and students to work together, which is why internships are an excellent way for both parties to assess whether or not there’s potential for future employment. Some companies offer internships at no cost because they feel doing so is good public relations, while others pay interns a small stipend. Whatever your reasons maybe, if you’re interested in an internship as part of your career plan, it’s essential to learn what options are available—and how you can get one.

Professional Development Courses

You may want to consider taking an embedded systems training course, including:

You want a rewarding career.
It’s essential for your own self-development and education.
Working with embedded systems is a challenge.


These are all things that employers look for in potential employees. Once you’ve got some hands-on experience with real hardware and software systems, you’ll find yourself much more employable than someone who doesn’t have an embedded systems certification or other training on their resume.

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