Learn Energy Healing Certification Training Online To Heal Your Body!

Learn Energy Healing Certification Training Online To Heal Your Body!

Crystal therapy has been used for centuries to relax the mind and body and treat various ailments. Anciently, crystals have also been used since Egyptian times to ward off evil spirits and stay away from negativity. Nowadays, celebrities and influencers are promoting the lesser-known benefits of Crystal healing therapy. Individuals who are looking to heal their bodies naturally without consuming drugs are increasingly indulging themselves in energy healing certification training. Crystal healing therapy ensures the all-rounded well-being of an individual as different crystals possess different healing properties. 

For example, Jade has the ability to realign energy channels, preventing hampering the natural body flow and preventing it from healing. Similarly, specific stones are said to release specific ailments such as restlessness, anxiety, insomnia, digestive problems, and much more.

Let us check out the different crystals used while going through energy healing certification training:

1. Clear Quartz

Clear quartz is a white crystal known to be a master healer as it enhances the body’s energy by regulating and absorbing it. Clear quartz is known to add memory and focus and also stimulates the immune system, balancing out your entire body.  

2. Jasper

The crystal Jasper is known to be a nurturer as it empowers the spirit and heals you through stressful times. It is also known to ward off negative vibes and protect you from negative spirits, imparting courage and confidence. 

3. Turquoise

Turquoise is a blue crystal that helps to heal your mind, body, and soul and is also known to be a good luck charm. Turquoise Balances your emotions and boosts your respiratory, skeletal, and immune systems. 

4. Amethyst

Amethyst is a purple-colored stone known to have incredible healing and purifying powers. It helps to ward off the negative thoughts and energy, hence bringing in sincerity and spiritual wisdom. Moreover, individuals suffering from insomnia or sleeplessness benefit from the healing properties of amethyst. Considering the physical aspect, it also boosts hormone production and relieves muscle pain and spasms.

How does a crystal healing practitioner select your crystal?

Before starting with the Crystal healing therapy, the practitioner carries out a one-to-one conversation with individuals to know their pain points or other concerns. They try to identify what you are looking for or and which stones can exactly heal your issues. Similarly, the online energy healing courses also teach the healing properties of different crystals and how they affect each body part of an individual. This allows the practitioner to identify which crystals can be used and where. 

If you are wondering how to learn about crystals, take up the online energy healing certification training! 

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