4 Amazing Things Happen to You in Halfway Houses in California

4 Amazing Things Happen to You in Halfway Houses in California

When somebody has been drinking for quite a long time, staying sober does not come easy to them. Yet, if you have made up your mind, nothing can stop you. With this spirit, you must prepare yourselves to bid adieu to your alcoholic self and say ‘hello’ to your sober self.

As you enter halfway houses in California, know that you are, in fact, entering a new phase of life. You will never be the same again. And this is for you – for your betterment. 

So, what happens when you live in a house and then return to your own home? 

Here is a list of amazing things that can happen…and your family and friends would be astonished to see you in this manner! 

You become more responsible

You were a drunkard with no accountability. You hated taking responsibility, doing chores, or even going to your workplace. You didn’t listen to anybody. You made the rules and you broke them. 

In a halfway house in California, it’s the house that makes the rules and you CANNOT break them. 

You are also assigned a set of chores that you must do daily. The house has a fixed time for everything – sleep, meals, free time, therapy sessions, meetings, and others. You have to be in the house before a particular time every night. 

You cannot drink, not a single day. 

You are accountable for maintaining peace and amicability between the inmates, for building trust, for doing things properly, for being sober, for time management, and for your personal hygiene. 

This disciplines you. This transforms you from “merely existing” into “living.”

Time to start living, right? Search for a “halfway house near me”. 

You become a good friend

Sober living homes feature people with similar problems. They are facing the same challenges as you. They must also fight cravings, triggers, and emotional turmoil. You share your problems with them, listen to their problems, exchange ideas, find solutions together, and support each other. 

You become a good friend to somebody. You also make good friends. 

You become more productive

You get an opportunity to learn new skills, pursue your hobbies, and address your emotional problems through therapy sessions and counseling. Simultaneously, you eat balanced and healthy meals, sleep well, and exercise. All these together enhance your mental and physical health. This creates a positive impact on your productivity. You are more energetic and feel lighter, as you are, no longer, under the influence of alcohol. Your body also, slowly, gets rid of the toxins and regenerates. 

You see life with a new perspective 

Earlier, you had a narrow vision. Your life revolved around drinks and alcoholic friends. You got little appreciation and support from your family. You fought a lone battle back home. In a halfway house, you get strong support from recovering addicts, therapists, experts, and those who are sailing in the same boat as you. The house provides a healthy atmosphere for you to “un-learn” certain things and “re-learn” things that you had forgotten during your alcoholic days. 

And when you see yourselves in the mirror, you are amazed to find a new you. 

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