Write Landing Page Copy That Converts

Write Landing Page Copy That Converts

An online advertising campaign can be very effective in increasing the profits of a business, whether it is a digital business or an offline business.

However, it can also be very expensive and not very profitable if you don’t optimize the whole funnel to the fullest.

One of the often-overlooked aspects of starting a lead generation or direct sales campaign is writing.

Writing a good landing page copy is key to converting page visits into leads or paying customers.

How to make the advertising investment pay off

There is nothing more frustrating for advertising than seeing your efforts and investments thwarted by a landing page that doesn’t convert.

It is the classic bottleneck that becomes too narrow and “lets through” only a small part of users compared to the number of visits received on the page.

Precisely for this reason, when creating copy for landing pages like a video animation company, you need to think very carefully about the words to use and how to do it.

Obviously, the copy is not the only element to consider, but it is certainly one of the most important.

So let’s try to understand together which textual measures can be implemented to improve the CTR (click-through rate) of your landing page.

Analyze the psychology of the target

Creating a good landing page copy means “playing” with the psychology of your potential customers or leads.

It is essential for the writing of a good text to put yourself in the user’s shoes and first ask yourself what is the reason that prompted him to click on your ad.

What do you expect? What is the problem you want to solve or the need you want to satisfy?

Getting into someone else’s head isn’t easy, but knowing your audience is perhaps the most important aspect.

So before writing the copy, analyze your audience, do targeted surveys to understand what the psychological levers to exploit are.

It is a tiring and time-consuming preliminary job but essential if you want to make your advertising investment pay off.

A landing page copy that “speaks” to the 3 brains

By now, you should have a clear idea of ​​what your prospects want to hear (read in this case).

But the fundamental point is: how to say it?

You must know that the human brain is divided into 3 parts: there is the so-called reptilian brain that represents our instinctive part, the one that signals the presence of danger and that would like us to give up!

Then there is the neocortex which instead is our rational part that analyzes the data and collects information to create logical reasoning.

Finally, there is the limbic brain which is our sentimental part, the one that gets excited and is sensitive to the narration. And you know the stories exciting.

When writing a landing page copy you need to talk to the 3 brains in the right sequence. To be clear, he cannot begin by coldly pouring out data and numbers.

You must first pacify the reptilian brain by letting it know it is in the right place and there is nothing to fear.

Then, most importantly, you have to conquer the limbic brain by telling it a story, a story that they can relate to and feel personally involved with.

You must make him “feel” and perceive the transformation that your product or service is able to offer him.

Only at the end will you validate everything with a series of data that will convince the neocortex.

The one just described is a psychological process that takes place in all, and I repeat all, human minds.

A landing page copy that converts always has this kind of structure.

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