Should you Buy or Rent a House?

Should you Buy or Rent a House?

There are two broad majority of people in society who have their own opinion regarding buying or renting a home. Some people advocate that renting a house is more beneficial, on the other hand, many people argue that buying a house would be more beneficial.

Therefore, in this article, we will discuss different perspectives on whether buying or renting a house is more beneficial.

But before we proceed, one thing you should keep in mind is that different people have their own opinion which depends on how they think, What their thoughts are and how much returns they expect from the investment.

Renting vs Buying a House:

We can consider three major aspects based on which we can derive a conclusion about whether buying or renting a house is more beneficial. However, buying or renting a home has its own advantages and disadvantages depending upon various circumstances including your income and job stability.

There are three major parameters which should be considered as follows when it comes to buying or renting a house.

Advantages and Disadvantages of renting/ buying a house:

● The major advantage of renting a house is that you can live as per your choice, comfort, and locale at a lower investment as compared to monthly installments. You can choose the location of your home according to you and your family convenience for instance if you’re looking for a house nearby your office or your kids’ school, you can easily match your requirements. However, in the case of buying a house, it is not often possible.

● If you are working in a private organization and your position is also unstable, it would be more beneficial to rent a house because it costs you less and it is easy to move to other locations if you have been transferred to another location/ city.

● You don’t have to bear the huge EMI, house taxes, and legal issues that are borne by the owner of the property.

● If you don’t buy a house, the amount you have saved as down payment and monthly EMIs which you can invest in other financial instruments such as stocks and mutual funds, debentures, fixed deposits, etc which are comparatively more liquid, unlike real estate properties.

● However, the disadvantages of renting a house are, you have to pay a fixed sum of money just as an expense without making any tangible assets/ property.

If you are planning your retirement or thinking about a long term investment and you still don’t have your own home, then buying a house would be your best decision.

However, buying a house have the following benefits:

● You will be the decision-maker of your home, you can maintain, decorate, modify according to your wish and comfort. Having our own home gives stability, satisfaction, and happiness especially in older age.

● The people feel more secure and comfortable in their own homes rather than on rent or with relatives.

● If you buy your home, you have to pay monthly installments regularly which forces you to save money.

● Real estate investment has always been a profitable investment in the long run. Therefore, buying a house becomes a valuable and profitable long term investment for your future. You can see a significant appreciation in the price of your home after a long time.


Although buying or renting a house is more likely an individual decision as what factor is more important for anyone that depends upon person to person. Hence, according to some people renting could be more beneficial whereas for others buying can be more profitable. 

Thus we can conclude that renting or buying is an individual decision that depends upon income, financial stability, age, thought process, and other circumstances.


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