Why Should Students Learn English?

Why Should Students Learn English?

In our lives, the language of English plays an imperative role in communicating with other people. Worldwide, the English language is considered a primary language because all the other subjects you will study will be in English. Learning English will broaden your mind, develop your emotional skills, and help in improving the quality of life by opening doors for better job opportunities.

Globally, English is growing with time and is the only medium of communication in most countries. Generally, English is used in the media and literature section to publish books. When we talk about literature, writers mostly prefer to communicate through English because the majority of the people know how to read English. It also helps the writer to express their ideas best.

We are aware that your English skills depend on four core skills. It is necessary to know these four skills if you want to learn English.

  1. Listening skills: Improving your listening skills will help you polish your vocabulary skills. It also improves your visualisation as when we hear something; we start visualising that stays longer in memory.
  2. Speaking skills: When we start communicating in English, we know our mistakes and improve them.
  3. Reading skills: When we start reading a book, we can enhance our vocabulary and concentration.
  4. Writing skills: Writing in English will give us an idea about what we are writing and can memorise the spelling of words.

So, once you master these four core skills, your English will automatically improve, and your confidence will reach great heights. Students can also take the help of articles such as article on Digital India to work on their English skills.

Importance of Learning English Language

  1. Communication becomes perfect-One should know the right skill while speaking with other people. People get impressed when you have good communication skills. 
  2. Great Confidence-When you have good communication skills, your confidence will automatically rise.
  3. Goals can be achieved early-One can meet their career goals easily if they have effective English skills.
  4. Attractive personality-You can attract people with good communication skills.
  5. English is spoken globally-English is spoken globally, and if you master it, you will communicate with other people.
  6. Good career opportunities- When you have effective communication skills, more career opportunities open up.

When it comes to education, English becomes more comprehensive. Students even study other subjects like Science, Geography, Economics, History in English. In English, grammar has a crucial role, and if you are well-versed with grammatical skills, you can easily ace the exam.

4 Reasons to Learn English

  1. Globally Spoken

One of the most commonly spoken language worldwide is English. Most of the population know how to read and write English.

  1. Great job opportunities

English is used in aviation, computers, science, diplomacy and tourism. Knowing English will open up chances to get into big multinational companies in your country or abroad. 

  1. Scientific letters are written in English.

When we talk about the last century, we can see that most scientific papers are written in English. These letters are getting more attention than those written in the native language. So, nowadays, researchers use English as their mode of communication.

  1. Media uses English as their mode of communication.

Due to the influence of Hollywood, a large number of films, TV shows and popular songs are written in English. You don’t need to read the translations or subtitles written at the bottom if you understand English. Moreover, you can enjoy listening to your favourite English songs, reading books, watching movies, etc.

So, we can summarise the article by saying that one should know how to read and write English. It makes communication easier with other people. When they learn English, students can take the help of books, newspapers, magazines, articles like article on Independence Day, etc.


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