What is the Best Software for Webinars?

What is the Best Software for Webinars?

The best webinar tool makes it convenient and trouble-free to gather virtually for collaborations and connections. Unlike other video conferencing platforms, the webinar platform is primarily used for marketing and event management over the internet to reach and connect with a large audience at one time. Online events include conventions, workshops, presentations, and seminars.

Managing and engaging with a large number of attendees requires planning and coordination. And it is why you need the webinar platform. A webinar platform has several tools to manage and engage attendees. Different webinar platforms have different approaches for attendees and offer different features.

So, in this blog, we have summed up the features of some of the best webinar software. Let us move ahead in the blog and see what these platforms have for you.


Mixhubb is the most reliable webinar software known for its advanced features that help you to deliver lead-generating webinars. Apart from webinars, you can host online conferences, summits, exhibitions, and town hall meetings on this online platform. Mixhubb offers you a beautifully designed 3D interface that can enhance your brand’s reputation. This software offers many technologically advanced yet easy-to-access features, enhancing your experience of virtual communication to the next level.

Mixhubb provides animated lobbies and beautifully designed virtual venues that are a true representation of your brand. Its immersive virtual environment experience makes attendees feel like they are in-person attending the meetings. Or, we can say that Mixhubb replicates your in-person experience of seminars. Mixhubb provides infinite scalable opportunities, so you don’t have to worry about the number of attendees in webinars or online events. This software is a one-stop solution for businesses of all scales. Mixhubb provides exceptional webinar services for small business, startups, freelancers, as well for large enterprises. Moreover, this is browser-based software, attendees can directly join the webinar from their desired browser and devices.

Mixhubb lets you effortlessly plan, execute, and promote your whole webinar by yourself without the need for any technical support. Furthermore, this software provides you ample opportunities for customization and branding. You can also customize the webinar, registration page, and landing pages according to your brand’s requirements. Attendees can also register themselves for the webinar via any of their social media accounts.

Advanced features of Mixhubb include: Networking tables, AI Matchmaking, breakout rooms, in-built event microsite, immersive stage, strong backstage support, live and pre-recorded sessions, live chats & polls, notification & announcements, multilingual sessions, recording, and screen sharing.


Livestorm is a new-aged online video conferencing platform enabling you to host virtual meetings, webinars, and virtual events. This software provides teams with integrated tools to manage video events from beginning to end. Livestorm also allows users to effortlessly access its inbuilt email templates and sequences, customizable registration pages, email delivery tracking, and website widgets. Moreover, Livestorm is browser-based software; attendees can join the webinars, meetings, and online events from their browsers.

Additionally, it is a multi-device accessible platform providing liberty to the attendees to access this software on any internet-compatible device like laptops, desktops, Macbooks, and mobile phones. Livestorm has several features to keep audiences engaged; audiences can participate in launch polls, answer questions, display emojis, and share files and live chats. Furthermore, Livestorm’s integrated dashboard enables organizers to take data-driven decisions and collaborate with their team to re-activate their audiences. Livestorm also enables organizers to track registrations, audience attendance, and engagement. This affordable webinar platform also allows organizers to integrate with CRM like Salesforce or HubSpot to leverage the data from their events.


It is a cloud-based video conferencing solution for the modern era. This scalable software is known for engaging and interactive webinars. CiscoWebex simplifies your online event’s journey, from planning to promoting without compromising experience. Cisco Webex allows up to 100,000 attendees and connects global audiences with real-time translation in more than 100+ languages. Moreover, this software enables you to rehearse the entire presentation with your co-panelist before going live on the stage. CiscoWebex offers several features like polls, quizzes, and Q&A to encore interactions and keeps attendees engaged. It also provides opportunities to curate attendees’ registrations with custom branding and theme options. CiscoWebex lets you manage the stage and content of the webinar.


If you are looking for hassle-free webinar software that also allows you to gain in-depth analytics of webinars or online events, then GoToWebinar might be the best choice for you. It is one of the best webinar platforms which comes with simple-to-use and easily navigable interfaces with advanced capabilities. GoToWebinar provides you with high-quality audio and video without any lag. Moreover, this software allows you to record and share the whole sessions of the webinars. With its GoToWebcast mode, you can host meetings with up to 3,000 attendees. Moreover, attendees can join the webinar directly from their browsers. Furthermore, GoToWebinar enables you to track leads by integrating your CRM. You can also launch meetings from MS. Chats, polls, surveys, and quizzes are some of its engagement tools.


Zoom is the most popular video conferencing platform. It is a platform suitable for both small and large webinars. Zoom is an easy-to-use platform and provides all the modern features that are required for hosting a successful webinar. Zoom lets you effortlessly connect and collaborate with the global audience in a few minutes only. This software provides HD video and the best quality audio conferencing experience to all audiences regardless of their number. Zoom also lets organizers optimize the background noise and customize the background image. Zoom also allows users to host webinars at no cost only if the meeting lasts no longer than 40 minutes with no more than 100 attendees. Other notable features offered by Zoom include screen and application sharing, chats, polls, Q&As, recording, and multiple presenters.

Not all webinar platforms are the same, nor do they are meant to satisfy the needs of all businesses. They all have a different user base. Although they all offer some same basic features, the quality of features varies. So before sticking up to a particular software, it is advisable to try their trial-free plan. So that you can know about their features and experience their services. You can try one of the above-stated software for hosting your upcoming webinar. The above-stated webinar platforms are the most reliable and widely trusted by national and international brands.

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