What is the Best Company to Ship a Car?

What is the Best Company to Ship a Car?

When a person decides to ship a car there would be many thoughts going on in his mind and he might also become stressed. One would have to move the car due to various purposes in his life, it might be because of the job purpose or any other family issues. Moving your vehicle is not that easy as it seems to be. Therefore for this purpose, it is always best to take proper guidance from the experts because they can guide the customers properly and they can have a fair idea regarding moving the vehicle to a new place.

When the customers have to choose the company to ship the vehicle then they have to make sure that the company provides quality services and there will be no damage occurred to the vehicle till the destination place. You can check online regarding the company review so that you can choose the services according to it. Many companies will give you good services but it is important to choose the best one among them.

These are the following companies which are the best to ship a car.


They provide the services on accurate timings without delay at an affordable cost. They do not take any upfront deposit from the customers and provide them the door to door service. There are various services available such as the enclosed and the expressed transport. Citizenshipper offers premium and standardized services to customers.


This company transports various vehicles such as cars, boats, motorcycles, and other vehicles. It is the best auto transport company and any of the customers can completely trust this company and choose this company to transport their vehicle to a new place. 

The customers who have an account with uship can get discounted rates and the customers who want to save their vehicle from any damage and for extra protection, this company also provides insurance to the vehicles. The average cost will be around $750 and there is an app called a uship mobile app then the customers can post what vehicle they want to transport and the company will connect with the customers after that.


It is a well-reputed company and is properly insured, bonded, and licensed. Those people who want to transport their vehicle to the far place without any damage then this company will help the customers to do so. This company provides various services such as door-to-door delivery and open transport according to the wish of the customer. It has a platinum protection plan which gives protection to the vehicle if it reaches the destination place damaged. It ships to 48 states and also gives discounts to students, senior citizens, protection services, and many other people. The average cost is around $935 which normally every person can afford.


This company is famous because of the Choose Your Price Feature. They allow the customers to fix the price by their choice and the brokers bargain for the price and if the price according to the wish of the customer is not fixed by first then the customer can make one more offer. They offer door to door shipping, open and enclosed transport according to the wish of the customer. Those people who have a low budget to transport their vehicle then they can choose this company for the transportation process. The average cost will be between $750-$1200.


This company provides the best and the qualitative services to the customers along with transparent pricing and they have a standout feature which is known as the price lock feature. 


In every transport, they provide with the door to door service and insurance to the vehicle. The customers can customize their shipment with the help of choosing the closed or open carrier. They transport various vehicles such as trucks, vans, cars and many other vehicles. They offer discounts to various customers such as snowbirds, seniors, and the military.

Ez transport 

They provide door to door delivery services among 50 states. The pricing is not fixed on every vehicle and the pricing can be different from vehicle to vehicle and may change daily. The average transportation time is around 2-7 days.

The above mentioned were some of the good companies which help the customer to move their vehicle to a new place. The customers can choose according to their preference which company they have to choose to complete their desired process. The various companies will have different advantages in them therefore the customers can prioritize their preference and choose the company according to that. With the help of the briefing of these, the customers would have got a slight insight regarding the background and the services of the company.


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