Top Ten Best Travel Gear

Top Ten Best Travel Gear

Let me start by saying I have seen several posts that made me laugh out loud about must-have travel accessories out there. Including wine bags and tampon flash drives to luxurious camping hammocks, these list-of-things-you-must-have-but-actually-you-don’t-need-at-all include anything. In this article, we will give you  

This list is for the daily traveler and has items that are actually useful.

1. Document Organizer:

Let us just start with one of the most important things on a trip that you bring. Nope, this isn’t your laptop or your cell phone. It is your documents, your passport in particular. It is a must to keep your documents tidy and safe.

2. Packing Cubes:

I’m a packing mess. My luggage easily turns into messy piles of clothing once I arrive at my destination. Not to mention that it’s almost difficult to locate unique objects.

That’s why when I say this was one of my greatest travel purchases ever, I am not exaggerating. Such tiny helpers make every packing and unpacking much cleaner and neater. A must for any contemporary traveler.

3. Travel Bottles:

Yeah, the fun airport safety lines where everybody is forced to show off their guts and hold liquids in ridiculously small quantities. This is where travel bottles can be of tremendous assistance and save some money.

Note: The requirement for containers in carry-on bags at airports worldwide is that they do not exceed 100 mL / 3.4 oz of liquid each.

4. International Travel Adapter:

This can be key, depending on where your destination is. A decent adapter will provide you with all the possible outlets around the world, ensuring that you remain charged abroad at all times.

For a modern traveler, it’s important. What I love about this particular adapter is that it comes with 4 USB ports, so you can charge 5 devices simultaneously. Works in nations of 150+.

5. Multi USB Charger:

If 5 USB devices are not enough for the previous piece, invest in a multi-USB port. Let’s be frank, who has not faced the real first-world issue of not having sufficient electrical outlets to charge all the gadgets in the 21st century? Some hotel rooms are scarce in stores and literally can not cope with all the charging requirements of a modern-day tourist.

This issue will only become more prevalent with the USB port form on the rise through devices. The solution may be a multi-USB hub charger, especially if you’re traveling in a group.

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6. Mobile Wi-Fi Hotspot:

Because I always travel with a lot of gadgets or within a community, it’s a Big first world issue to get all the devices linked. A game-changer is a handheld router unlocked on all systems: secure, easy to use, and a big potential money-saver.

That list of wavelengths the system supports is an important thing to look at. Mobile operators use different wavelengths in each region, and their SIM cards will only operate in that frequency range. When I traveled to the US, my previous hotspot did not operate with ANY operator.

7. Power Bank:

While we intend to send men to colonize Mars, manufacturers still refuse to launch tablets, cameras, and other gadgets with batteries that last for days for some reason. Result: While on the lane, everybody needs additional juice.

Invest in a computer that is compact and strong. It’s almost not worth anything below 10,000mAh-remember that they appear to lose power over time.

8. Hand sanitizer gel:

I’ve been underestimating the importance of hand sanitization for years. Some also say most cases of food poisoning are caused by dirty hands instead of the food itself, which makes me feel a little nervous! Since then, I still fly with this kind of gel.

This liquid gel creates a molecular bond that stays effective and safeguards against harmful bacteria on the surface of the skin.

9. Mosquito Repellent:

It’s no hyperbole to state that one of the greatest things any traveler should spend in is a good mosquito repellent, think if you’re trying tropical countries. It Could Save Life, I mean. Tip: choose one with high DEET content, like the one below.

It provides 10+ hours of security and comprises 100% DEET, recommended for mosquitoes, tick, and biting insect safety.

10. Hiking Backpack:

For hikes across the nation and day trips to great hiking trails, a primitive traveling backpack is equally demanding.

Since backpacks tend to carry most of your things, a good choice of the best hiking backpack will significantly take the efficiency and make the hiking so much easier.


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