Top 5 Best E-commerce Platforms for Small Businesses

Top 5 Best E-commerce Platforms for Small Businesses

All have become simple in the age we’re living in. Before, they needed to have a physical presence if anyone tried to sell anything. The Internet has changed that, and now everyone can start their own business and prosper by having a physical rather than an online presence. The difference now is that, rather than a physical one, individuals need to create a virtual shop.

This is where channels for e-commerce come into play. E-commerce sites are the backbone of the development and online life of virtual stores. There are advantages of existing and selling online. It is cheap, reliable and a quicker way of selling.

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Small companies are those companies that do not have a lot of capital to experiment, so those companies need to choose what is best for them and invest in something that, according to their requirements, would be beneficial to them.

So, the top 5 small business e-commerce sites are discussed below:

1. Shopify: 

One of the best e-commerce sites for all types of companies is Shopify. If someone with a small business is serious about selling and needs to update their online store, then the answer for them is Shopify. Shopify has all the resources one might need, but to help you sell, it is more inclined towards sales tools. It also has hundreds of themes that can accommodate any company of any sort. The designs are responsive, and you don’t have to worry about adapting them to various devices. It is very easy to build and user-friendly as it does not need one to be a coding expert.

2. Wix Ecommerce: 

Wix’s great thing is that it gives you full creative power. It is renowned for its tools for drag and drops to create an online shop. It is easy to use for beginners and is used by small companies that have fewer items to offer. It is cheaper than other websites, such as Magento and Shopify. Wix does not need us to know about coding and is the perfect choice for a small company with a small choice of products.

3. Big Commerce:

A fantastic e-commerce site is Big Commerce. It allows various sites and outlets to be sold, such as eBay, Amazon, Instagram, Facebook, etc. This makes it the most scalable e-commerce site. This helps extend the scope of a company as it facilitates multichannel integration that results in the development of clear brand identity across multiple channels. It provides a wide variety of sales attributes that one can choose from. It allows one to handle shipments and payments. It is highly versatile and makes the site easy to build and track.

4. Square room: 

Another great choice for individuals who want to create a simple store in square space. It offers several themes, like other sites, that you can use to create your online store. It has an inventory management system that enables you to keep track of your stock. It has several advantages, such as many methods of payment, mobile-optimized checkouts, abandoned cart recovery, etc. If one is looking to construct an eye-catching online shop, the response is Square Space.

5. Woo Commerce:

Woo Commerce, which is open source, is a WordPress plugin. It is the most common solution for e-commerce. Woo Commerce enables the transformation of any website or WordPress into an online shop. Similar to WordPress, it is online. It can be downloaded and quickly enabled on WordPress. It lets you choose how you want your store to look from advanced themes and also has other resources like drop shipping. Woo Commerce comes with built-in blogging, unlike other websites, and can accept unlimited orders. 

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