The Best Sony Alpha ILCE-6000 Digital film camera

The Best Sony Alpha ILCE-6000 Digital film camera

Sony Alpha ILCE-6000 digital film camera Compact dimensions (into which they even managed to fit a flash) and fast autofocus, high image quality are serious advantages of the “six-thousandth”. The 179 autofocus points are still impressive, and the camera was introduced a few years ago. The only pity is that here you cannot directly point your finger on the screen at which point you need to focus – you will have to use the Navidad.

The whale lens upset most of all, of course – for a person who just wants to “buy and shoot” (since we are talking about Digita film cameras for beginners), it would be more interesting to have a better quality “shot”. From the standard 16-50 you “grow” too quickly, starting to realize that it is noticeably dark, soapy, clearly weak in resolution for a 24-megapixel APS-C matrix. If you need portrait softness – please (but here I would like a higher aperture rate), but for sharp and detailed photos you will have to look for a replacement, and the choice for the Sony E mount is not so great. There is also a “double whale”, where another lens with a focal length range of 55-200 mm has been added, but it also suffers from the same problems. So we stock up on adapters – according to the price/result ratio, the choice of optics from another system is most expedient.

But what cannot be taken away from the digital film camera for youtube is the beauty of color rendition, color saturation, and accuracy of the exposure meter: here it is definitely “tasty”, despite its age. But still, taking into account the fact that at a price it goes one ruble to one ruble with Fujifilm, we cannot give it a high rating: there are cameras that are more interesting.

Main pluses:

  • Excellent work of autofocus, which in general can be talked about for a long time
  • The quality of the matrix is ​​perfectly noticeable when working with RAW, but the digital film camera JPEG is also “juicy”
  • Compact and lightweight


  • Inconvenient focus point selection
  • Obviously inappropriate optics for the camera

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