Seller Assistant App: The Most Useful Chrome Extension for Amazon Sellers

Seller Assistant App: The Most Useful Chrome Extension for Amazon Sellers


The coronavirus epidemic has changed the world forever. One of the most global changes has occurred in the field of trade. More and more sellers are leaving offline sales, moving to the Web.

About 1.5 million new sellers came to Amazon in 2022. In the “pre-crown” era, this figure fluctuated at the level of 700-800 thousand per year.

This state of affairs inevitably leads to a rapid increase in competition between sellers.

Now more than ever, it’s important for Amazon seller accounting to quickly find high-selling products with potentially high sales margins.

One of the most effective product analysis apps today is the Seller Assistant App. Let’s get to know him better.

What is Seller Assistant App?

It is a rapidly growing Chrome extension. Designed for Amazon sellers, it helps you analyze products while saving time.

The extension combines an Amazon FBA calculator, IP alerts, a quick view, and a stock check. This combination allows the user to quickly and with less effort to find profitable products for resale.

The app integrates directly into the product page. As a result, you get all the information about the product in one place. You do not need to perform unnecessary mouse actions.

The analyzed data can be exported to Google Sheets in one click.

The application also allows you to calculate ROI and profit margin, see Amazon referral fees and FBA commission, analyze current and historical data, evaluate sales and profits. You can see competitors’ stocks, add notes to products, and save the result to Google Sheets. All this greatly simplifies the work of both Online Arbitrage sellers and those who work with wholesale suppliers.

FBA and FBM calculator on the product page

It is important for an Amazon seller to have quick access to the FBA and FBM calculator. There are many such plugins. However, most of them have a significant disadvantage – to activate them on the page of each product, you have to click on the plugin icon.

The Seller Assistant App does not have this shortcoming. You can see all the information right on the product page. No extra clicks needed.

The extension also calculates ROI and profit margins based on item cost, sales taxes, Amazon fees, FBA fees, VAT, monthly storage and logistics costs.

Sales and Profit Estimation

Commodity analysis includes profit assessment and inventory planning for future purchases.

No other extension has this feature. As a result, you get not only a profit calculator, but also an estimate of monthly profit and sales.

Export data to Google Sheets

The seller must save the found goods and information about them. But traditional copy-paste takes a lot of time. And as the quantity of goods increases, the time costs also increase.

Seller Assistant App solves this problem. With it, you will forever forget about copy-paste. All analyzed data is saved to Google Sheets with one click. Focus on product analysis, not mechanical data storage. More than 50 product characteristics are available for export.

Keepa chart and historical data

The function shows historical and statistical data related to the product (BSR Drops, BSR average and prices). You see the dynamics of prices and sales, as well as the level of competition. This allows you to more accurately estimate the potential number of sales of the selected product. And in case of an unfavorable forecast, stop selling it in time.

IP alert

When selling third-party branded products, it is important to remember that Amazon requires absolute respect for intellectual property rights. Some brands take this issue very seriously. And when complaints are received, Amazon simply blocks the listing or the seller’s account.

Seller Assistant App makes your job safer. The app has a unique IP Alert system. It works on the basis of a database of complaints. You can see at any time whether there have been complaints of intellectual property infringement on the product you are analyzing and their date.

The database is updated daily.

Working Without an Amazon Seller Account

If you are just considering the option of trading on Amazon and are not yet sure of the benefits of this activity for yourself, the Seller Assistant App will still come in handy. It will also be useful to those who analyze goods for outsourcing, not directly involved in sales.

The only caveat: you still need to have an account to work with the Indian Amazon.

Competitor Inventory Check

When selling products on Amazon, be sure to keep an eye on your competitors. In order to competently plan the replenishment of your stocks and turnover, it is important to see the rest of the goods from competitors.

The Seller Assistant App has a dedicated Stock Checker feature. It shows the balance of goods at each of the sellers, as well as their total number.

Product Restrictions

When trading on Amazon, it is important to understand the limits for each product. For example, glass and fragile products require additional packaging in bubble wrap. Oversized items are stored in separate warehouses and require higher storage charges.

Having such information allows you to more accurately estimate costs and avoid unexpected expenses due to product features.

The Seller Assistant App shows an expanded list of restrictions and characteristics – “Fragile, Meltable, Hazmat” (“Fragile”, “Melting”, “Containing hazardous substances”), “Oversize”, (“Oversized goods”), “Small & Light” ( “Small and light”).

Quick view of a product on the search page

Sellers often search for products by search terms. In this case, it is convenient to see the product parameters on the search page.

The Seller Assistant App extension shows ASIN, BSR and category right on the search page, whether Amazon is among the sellers of this product, as well as the number of FBA and FBM sellers.

Support for European marketplaces

Seller Assistant App allows you to work on sites not only in the US and Canada, but also in the UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain and India

This is convenient – you will have a single set of tools, even if you sell on several sites.

The control panel is available in Russian and English.

Seller Assistant App Pricing

You can choose a 14-day free trial to try out the app. It does not require payment card details to activate it. A 14-day period is enough to fully evaluate the plugin’s capabilities. Then you can decide for how long you want to extend it.

Monthly subscription will cost $15 (billed once a month), annual – $100 (billed annually)

For companies, command tariff plans are provided.

How much can you trust the information from the Seller Assistant App?

The application has deep integration with the Amazon Seller Central API. This means that all commissions, ROI, pricing, and inventory information are generated directly from Amazon data.


The Seller Assistant App is more than just a simple FBA calculator. This is a complete new generation tool for in-depth product analysis, with an impressive set of useful features.

The Seller Assistant App allows Amazon sellers to better analyze products and evaluate sales. And to do it faster than conventional tools.

The application is useful for both beginners in sales and professionals. As well as to the resellers of goods for sale on Amazon.


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