Ramadan Iftar and Sehri Food Ideas

Ramadan Iftar and Sehri Food Ideas

The holy month of Ramadan or Ramzan is the ninth month according to Islamic calendar. It is the month in which the Holy Quran was revealed for the very first time. Ramadan brings in a feeling of peace and festivity. The followers of Islam observe fasts during this whole month and this time is dedicated to self-realization. It is of utmost importance that people reconnect and strengthen their connection with their faith. The practice of fasting is meant to teach self-control and there are certain rules that one has to follow while fasting. A Ramadan fast is called a Roza and it begins with an early morning meal known as, Sehri. It is eaten before sunrise and an evening meal known as Iftar is had by the end of the day or once the sun sets. In this blog you would learn about ramadan iftar ideas. 

Sehri Food Ideas 

The main idea behind Sehri is to have a wholesome meal that is nutritious and sufficient enough to get you by the day and give you least yearning to eat until it is Iftar time. This is why it is important to understand what to eat while fasting in Ramadan and choosing wisely from the available eating options. Fasting can be extremely beneficial for the body as it is a deep detox from the heavy meals that we have every day. It is often that people tend to eat foods that cater to the never ending cravings but are high in calories. It is during this time that cravings also tend to aggravate. Sehri, in olden days, was eaten before the sunrise because people needed to go about their business afterwards. However, over the years with the change in lifestyles, people now take part in the Sehri in the morning and then again go back to sleep. With this change, eating a meal that is difficult to digest might result in ill health and can make it difficult to go through the rest of the day. Thus, it becomes important to make a right choice regarding what to eat during Ramadan sehri. 

What to eat during Ramadan Sehri?  

The popular Sehri Dishes are as follows: 

Egg Paratha: One of the favorite sehri dishes eaten for breakfast is paratha. It is a quick recipe with the goodness of eggs.  

Porridge and Oats: It is a simple recipe made from milk, muesli, water, and oats. It is light, fulfilling, and full of nutrition.  

Afghani Bolani: An excellent delicacy for Sehri meals, this is a flatbread from Afghanistan stuffed with baked potatoes, herbs, and onions. 

Fresh Fruit Salad: This hearty and refreshing dish is nutritious and keeps you hydrated for the entire day during Ramadan fasting. 

Badam Ka Sharbat: It is a nourishing drink with the fragrance of kewra, almonds, and cardamoms. It compliments heavy sehri platter in the morning and helps to both hydrate and keep oneself full of energy the whole day. 

 Ramadan Iftar Food Ideas 

The term Iftar comes from Arabic; it means “to break”. Thus, in Islam, it means to break the fast at the call of Maghrib prayer. It holds religious importance more than that of just simply having a meal. It has a spiritual significance too. It is after a day of fasting that you feel grateful to Allah for his blessings. One realizes the importance of food and water, which is otherwise taken for granted.  It is after experiencing hunger one realizes the importance of Allah’s blessings. This also makes you more compassionate towards the poor and needy. 

At the time of Iftar, it is advised to consume natural sugar from fruits and dates rather than opting for artificial drinks as these cause bloating and make one uneasy. It is advised to drink water and eat something light before offering the Maghrib prayer. This gives time to the stomach to get prepared for a meal. Some of the Ramadan iftar ideas are mentioned below to make a wise choice with regard to what you eat at Iftar. 

 Dates: It is a tradition to start Iftar with eating dates. Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him, used to break his fast by eating dates and drinking camel milk during Ramadan. Dates are a great source of fiber, sugar, potassium, magnesium, and vitamin B6. 

Shorba: It is basically a lentil soup which is very popular in the Middle East region. It is full of nutritious vegetables and is a great source of protein. 

Keema Samosa: It is a popular Iftar treat in India. Keema samosa is a crispy fritter with a filling of minced mutton meat along with different flavors of spices like ginger, chilies, mint, and garam masala. 

Haleem: It is a mount watering stew that contains fresh mutton meat along with slow-cooked lentils, cracked wheat, and a variety of aromatic spices. 

Kebabs: Chunky pieces of grilled meat, kebabs are a popular addition to an Iftar meal. 


In addition to making a wise choice of the food for Sehri and Iftar, it is equally important to incorporate some light physical activity during fasting days. 

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