Live Streaming Vs Pre-recorded Videos

Live Streaming Vs Pre-recorded Videos

Nowadays, people look for experiences that make their shopping journeys informative as well as entertaining and not mundane. A Live stream show permits people from across the globe to be part of it while indulging in live commerce and witnessing fun and better product experience. Such shows keep audiences entertained and connected similar to the atmosphere that you get with the in-person shopping experience.

Live-streaming happens more organically with lots of human interaction whereas pre-recording involves no real-time interaction.

Pros of Live streaming eCommerce

High Engagement: The audience is always attracted to the raw and unedited live stream videos in comparison to the pre-recorded videos that are edited and scripted. Hence consumers are found to be engaged for a longer time during live stream shows. 

Authenticity: During a live-streaming session audience get to see the authentic and real side of a brand. These live streaming sessions are not pre-recorded where the brands can edit all the falters, they are raw and give a personal feeling to audiences. Audiences get a chance to put ahead of all the things they have in their mind and are important. Customers get to know about the brand or the product in real-time which reflects how transparent a brand is.

Better product experience: During a live stream, the quality of a product is better judged as everything happens in real-time. Customers can ask you to focus on the things he/she wants to see whereas the pre-recorded videos are edited versions and focus on the prime features of a product only.

Mobility: Live streaming can be done at any time and anywhere, it does not require proper studio and proper gadgets for recording the videos. Thus giving brands flexibility and mobility while working.

How does Live Shopping have an edge over Pre-recorded Videos?

Let us look at some of the cons of pre-recorded videos and decided

Wastage of time and money: When you pre-record your videos you take several hours working on the pictures and video editing of products where you might upskill your creativity but it takes a lot of time of yours. Even if you try to save time you might just waste your money by outsourcing the video-editors. So to save time and money people now focus on live-streaming.

Lack of instant feedback and engagement: Pre-recorded videos are passive as they have no direct connection with audiences. Audiences may watch the videos, comment later but these are not real-time conversations. Whereas, you can have real-time conversations at a live-stream and can procure instant feedback from the viewers.


Pre-recorded videos are fully scripted which does not reflect the authenticity of a brand and its products. Live Commerce being unscripted reflects the authenticity of a brand. This makes your brand credible and thus customers trust your products as they get what they see.

Hence we can conclude that Live commerce is a better choice if you want to offer your customers a better product experience, build credibility for your brand, and foster real-time engagement.

Content that works best for Live-Streaming

  • Q&A session with a renowned influencer on an industry expert
  • Have random product launches and informative sessions
  • Answer as many queries of consumers as possible
  • Give a behind the glimpse 
  • Conduct competitions and live polls
  • Interview brand advocates 
  • Conduct product demonstrations
  • Offer limited-time deals and discounts 

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Some tips for a successful Live-streaming show

  • Promote your stream on different channels before the main event, so that the maximum audience can join and shop
  • Collaborate with a celebrity or an influencer for a better reach and to build trust among audiences
  • Encourage your audience to communicate first and then start engaging with them through their comments
  • You can also go for simulcasting 
  • Keep in touch with your subscribers via email newsletters and ask them about their shopping experience post an event

Wrap-it up

With our Livestream e-commerce, you can interact with your customers in real-time while creating an entertaining and interactive atmosphere. 

Here is how you will be benefited from our Video Commerce solution

  1. Allows brands to humanize themselves
  2. It makes shopping fun and you can generate leads too
  3. Limited availability of a stream helps generate a buzz around a brand and its products
  4. With Analytics you can track audience engagement too
  5. Helps to connect with your audiences in a personalized manner

If you plan to have your live-streaming commerce solution without spending so much effort and time or you wish to expand your business you can email us at [email protected]. We would be happy to assist you.


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