LED Transparent Display Advantages, Application Environment and Scenarios

LED Transparent Display Advantages, Application Environment and Scenarios

First, the benefits of a bright LED display:

1. Brightness Intensity: The distance difference between LED display screens and light transmission can be 50-90%. The visual effect is that the glass can maintain the vision function of light, and the light source is difficult to see from afar. The lighting of the glass partition wall is not affected.

2. Small Footprint and Light Weight: The main body thickness of the screen is only 10mm. After installing the LED light screen, there is no gap, it does not interfere with other objects or construction close to the glass curtain wall. The LED screen supplier LED light screen weighs only 14 kg / m2, and when installed on a glass screen wall, the load requirements on the glass wall change a little.

3. Lightweight steel frame structure is required, which saves a lot of costs: This product is light in weight, easy to install, does not need a strong supporting steel structure, it can save the entrance fees.

4. Efficient and fast maintenance: In-house maintenance, even fast and safe, saves labor and resources.

5. Lighting production costs: If an LED screen (light screen) is included, it can save most of the outdoor lighting costs, and by improving the appearance of the LED screen supplier  LED screen, you can save a lot of money and receive notifications. Advantage.

6. Electricity saving and environmental protection: low electricity consumption, power consumption less than 280W / m2, no need for heating and air systems.

7. Easy operation, powerful control: you can connect to PC, graphics card, remote switch, and network cable, and you can change the display content at any time through the whole wireless control cluster.

Second, the bright LED display in the application environment

1. Build the curtain wall: The luminous LED screen attached to the glass ceiling is attached to the glass curtain wall to stand the screen.

2. Spatial design: The LED screen supplier LED light screen can be customized in various shapes and sizes to meet different space needs and achieve landscape decoration advantage.

3. Display: Lighting displays are used in various exhibitions, such as auto shows and conferences, to promote products in all fields.

4. Window display: There is a light advertising machine hanging on the window to do a good marketing promotion function.

Third, the Transparent LED Display application documentation

1. The beauty of dancing on stage

The LED light screen can be designed to match the shape of the screen, and the LED screen body is light and thin, reflecting the power of the visual field, which expands the depth of the whole image. In addition, the pendant lights, which will be a play space, will give the stage a look and feel and will not interfere with the design of the stage to highlight the project.

2. Large malls

The bright LED screen is a perfect combination of modern art and a shopping mall environment. It is widely used in retail and glassware stores.

3. Chain store

A unique store image can attract customers to lock in and increase sales. The unique design method allows you to replace the traditional LED screen supplier LED display with an outdoor LED display on a bright LED display, rich and bright video displays will cool the store with the most beautiful, it is very beautiful.

4. Museum of Science and Technology

The Museum of Science and Technology is an important institution for disseminating scientific knowledge. You can customize the LED light display for a special look. It’s an incredible high-tech display, where you can see the magic and mystery of technology through the LED light display.

5. Glass windows

With the rapid pace of the LED digital signage industry, LED screen supplier LED light displays have transformed the retail industry and have become popular in construction sites, glass windows and lakes.

6. Manufacturing environment

Due to the development of LED technology. Construction media technology also plays an important role, especially in the construction of glass curtain walls. In recent years, the heat has become more intense and there are many solutions like light bulbs and LED light screens.

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