Key Points To Remember Before Taking Insurance Cover For Your Trucks

Key Points To Remember Before Taking Insurance Cover For Your Trucks

Heavy commercial vehicle insurance covers the trucks that carry goods from one place to another. They transfer finished products and transport raw materials and finished products which differ in size and type. 

Due to friction and several other accidental risks, managing the costs and ensuring the asset and the truck becomes necessary. The risks are costly, and very often, they turn out to be unreasonably high. 

It is necessary to ensure the heavy-duty trucks for smooth running of the business. 

The basis on insurance:

There are several kinds of trucks with varying functions. Some are used to carry raw materials and finished goods, while some carry garbage to the dump areas. 

The distance covered by these trucks and the function of the vehicle is the key determining factor of the insurance. 

Coverage of insurance:

Third-Party insurance

  • It covers risks such as the cost of injuries and medical expenses for the injured party if a truck driver employed with the business is involved in an accident. 
  • It will also cover a legal defence to safeguard against third-party action, whether or not the insured’s company is at fault in an accident.

First party cover:

  • It covers the cost of damage to the insured’s vehicle from an accident.
  • It also covers any other untoward incident like vandalism, theft, etc.
  • It provides coverage for damage or theft of items being hauled by the vehicle.

Details for the insurance:

Trucks are goods carrying vehicles that require separate treatment from passenger-carrying commercial vehicles.

The details that are required to be entered by the customer are as follows:

  • Type of carrier.
  • Vehicle details.
  • Registered details.
  • Vehicle weight.

Several companies offer varieties of insurance covers. Every customer should make a detailed enquiry about all the schemes and choose what suits the need and requirements of his business. 

Determination of premium rates:

Commercial vehicle premium is higher for four-wheelers. The factors that determine premium rates in commercial vehicle insurance.

  • The cubic capacity of the vehicle
  • Licensed carrying capacity 

Choosing commercial insurance:

Package Coverage:

It covers loss or damage to the truck that can be due to accidents or thefts

it also includes third party liability insurance

General Liability Coverage:

It covers third-party liability for injuries, fatalities, and property damage.

It also includes personal accident cover for a driver who is also the owner.

Primary liability Coverage:

Primary liability coverage is used to take care of any physical injury and damage caused by a particular accident.

If the vehicle of the insurance holder causes damage to individuals or another vehicle, the costs associated with this accident would also be covered under primary liability insurance.

Bobtail Liability Insurance:

This insurance coverage can enable the truck drivers to save a marginal amount as there would be no need to buy the entire policy.

For a successful and safe commercial trucking business, insurance will be an essential part of one’s business. Therefore, it is important to ensure you get the best commercial trucking insurance for the smooth running of the business. 

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