Knife in My Back – Motivation That Made Me Grow Business Review 2020

Knife in My Back – Motivation That Made Me Grow Business Review 2020

I was a little puzzled at the knowing looks everyone was giving me that day. Ours was a small Tv/as speak-were a closely-knit group. Strangely, everyone was speaking to me with cheeky smiles on their faces. Even Emily, the cleaning woman was giggling cheekily the whole time. I was asking her about her son. I was puzzled. Did they know my secret? I had confided in just one person, Joseph. Joseph was one of the best friends since my first day in the company. I was sure he would keep it a secret. I had always confided in him, so I was sure I Could trust him. How wrong I was! It proved to be a big mistake.

Starting the Real Based Story

It all began with Mr. Brooke, our manager, asking me out to lunch. I had been honored and seen nothing wrong in it. He took me to lunch at ‘Jack’s Place’, and after that, we sat chatting about several things. I was shocked when he proposed marriage! I was shaking all over. When I recovered, I told him I did not feel the same way about him. He asked whether it was because he was too old. Here the information that I conveyed. Is age will not be connected with this matter. He took it like a perfect gentleman. We laughed and came back to the office. Both of us forgot about the matter that was a month ago, and I did not tell anyone about it. I did not know what made me tell Joseph or why he told everyone.

When he came in and spoke to me in the usual way, I glared at him. I what’s wrong, Ella?” he asked innocently. I refused to speak to him; let him know at I was truly upset. He tried to speak to me voided and again that day, mostly on trivial matters. I again him. That evening, I made a decision. I sat at my computer and wrote a resignation letter. Mr. Brooke was surprised when I handed him the letter the next day. He tried to dissuade me and asked again and again whether he had done anything wrong. One told him that I shall always remember him as a perfect gentleman. I did not tell him because one wanted to save him any discomfort.

Personal Point of View Concerning At the Place of Work 

I think the others in the office must have been surprised when I did not turn up for work the next day and were told that I had resigned. Anyway, I put the matter behind me and poured over the classifieds for a new job. I found one in my father’s former office and started work a week later. A few weeks later, I met Emily at the supermarket. She told me that she missed me. She also told me that the others were sorry that they had caused my resignation. Then she told me a piece of news that shocked me. Joseph had been promoted to Assistant Manager. I realized that if I had not resigned, it is I who would have been promoted.

A terrible thought crossed my mind. Was it a plan? Did Joseph plan to get me out of the company so that he could get the promotion? I shook my head to get the thought out of it. “Who cares?” 

Motivation That Aid Me to Start With the Business as Freelancing 

The one incident that motivated me with the aspect that nobody is here we can trust. We have to be on the level that working individually and being independent to live a life that aids with the satisfaction and moving towards independence. So I started with the freelancing, Building of the website, and then the entire journey that changed my life thoroughly in a manner. The best experience of generating traffic throughout is the tools that helped me also. Firstly Clickfunnels that helped in making the right landing pages for generating the traffic.

The other best tool was the Wishpond. Let’s recap the Review of this tool in 2020.

Wishpond Review – 2020

Wishpond is the tool for effective customer service management with the CRM features along with the production team so wishpond is the best and right solution if you are facing any sort of the same problem.

Features of Wishpond

  • Marketing Automation
  • Email Marketing
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Automation
  • Landing Page Builder
  • Record and tracking’s

Final Thought

Wishpond reviews towards the final thought can be as it is far better with respect to the services while comparing with the wishpond competitors like wishpond vs woobox.



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